Enjoying the views from my rooftop !!

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On my last post i mention that i was back in Bangkok city after been on isolation on the island of Koh Samui for about three weeks , i was called back to do some work for my company but was only going to be in the office a few hours on my own which i didn't mind those conditions and then , i could come home to my apartment and work from home for a few more hours.





With views like this from my balcony , i don't mind at all been home working been up on the top floor with no one around i feel pretty safe as i know if anyone coughs or sneezes the Covid-19 virus can not get airborne that high is what , i read and heard it can hover in the air for distance of up to three meters if someone who is infected coughs or sneezes before this dirty little virus drops to the ground.





So that's why you need to wear that mask if you need to go some where and try and keep that distance apart otherwise that dirty little virus will get you don't play Russian roulette with this dirty little virus , it's not wise we are all at risk.





So in the mean time i am enjoying my isolation and working from home i am high up on top floor the only one on my floor and and i have a great rooftop views with a pool all to myself and a lovely balcony where i can have a beer and also enjoy the city views all around me it actually look so quite and peaceful from up here.




Please people do as your government are instructing otherwise this filthy dirty little virus will never go away wear that mask if you need to go out and stay safe , healthy and strong minded and we will beat this. I hope my city views gave you a sense of feeling of the beautiful world that is waiting for us when we eliminate this dirty little virus. Take care all :)




"Just a waiting game at the moment it will be over"



Thanks buddy and cheers to you. Stay safe !!

I'm basically doing what you're doing minus the pool. We've got a sauna in the house instead.

I would think a lot of people would be doing that. Well a sauna is pretty handy cause been home we tend to go to that fridge more often so the sauna is a good thing...lol :)

I am glad to see you back and that you are OK. Stay safe and healthy!

Thank you my dear friend and you stay safe and healthy also :)

Lovely views of the sunset! Good to know that you are keeping your cats company!!

Have a good time! Nice cold beer!

Thank you my friend the cats are trying to work why is this human home some much now but they are loving it :)

Stay safe my friend :)

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