#ivolunteer and #kickoutcovid-19..... HELP SAVE THE HUMAN RACE!

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Hey guys, am @emekasegun from Africa precisely Nigeria.

Well having seen this Coronavirus Pandemic situation across the globe, and also some countries are now under lockdown.

Basically, I think this is the time for us all to put our differences aside and focus on making the best out this situation by showing love through any means of your choice to every being still alive to witness this day, as we all know some many lives have been lost by this disease, the most paramount thing right now is to #stayhomesafe.

I so much believe the best way to tackle this COVID-19 outer space is by coming together regardless of our tribes, countries or continent is to ask for God's mercy over lives.

Furthermore, with this social distancing I think we can help each other more, both financially and all other aspects too, by communicating with our friends and families.

Even thou the world economy has been affected, but we still have a few ways to reach out to our loved ones.

However, I would want us to volunteer with any of our preferred skills to kick this disease out of space.

We going to use this post or better still you can also make a post with the title #ivolunteer and #kickoutcovid-19 and use #covid-19 as your first tag. want this to trend across the blockchain platform...

You can also read more about CoronaVirus disease COVID-19 on unicef.org

This is a wakeup call to the blockchain community to help save the human race against this deadly Virus. CORONAVIRUS... Thanks for the honour...
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