Coronavirus: From the city to the village

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After hearing that Nigeria has up to 51 covid-19 cases, I just have to accept going to the village and not just visiting, staying there during this period.
When I can back,I saw some beautiful things which I had left long time ago for the city.
This picture is one of them.
This very cocoyam is not edible as it's attributed to poisoning.
Yeah, my grandma told me when I was a kid that if I attempt in any way to eat it, death will be knocking on my door.
That was very hash but the best truth I could get back then.
Growing up, I noticed that nobody talked about the cocoyam aside from the beautiful leaves and flowers.
You can imagine a cocoyam that has flowers.
I wish to test for the content of this plant in my next science project. Maybe it will convince people with the benefits.
For you my reader, how is the coronavirus case in your location/country?
Has it reached there?
What is your government doing about it?
Feel free to comment based on your thoughts.


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