COVID-19, Experts Deny Its Link With high PH (Alkaline) Food

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The current Pandemic situation has caused chaos amongst everyone as there are so many Do’s and Don’t’s, to which the internet has acted as a catalyst. People are confused with the different myths that are running in the social media streams and are concerned as to which to follow or which to not. The scare is so much that it might seem hard for people to ignore the myth that says the pH level of Coronovirus. According to the myth, the pH of coronavirus ranges from 5.5 to 8.5, and implies that it’s best people maintain their pH.


The message circulated on WhatsApp University comes with a brief of how the virus can be overtaken by consuming foods that are high on pH and is above the pH of the virus. The details of the message which comes with the pH level of the foods like Lemon with pH 9.9, Lime 8.2, and many more make it even more difficult for people to ignore the message. Not only that, the message also says that consuming more garlic will help prevent the virus by boosting immunity.

It is definitely very useful to boost the immunity, not only confined to this virus but also in general for a healthy life, so that our body can fight any infection or disease, said Dr. Manish Mathur to IANS. Dr. Mathur, who is a Specialist-Internal Medicine on Lybrate, said that the World Health Organisation (WHO) hasn’t released any data regarding this and therefore has asked people to not be mislead by such news. He appealed people to be aware of news or information circulated at this time and said it is very essential to look at the credibility of such news. Talking about immunity he said, that doctors suggest the consumption of food items high on pH, but it is completely obnoxious that such information is being used to mislead the people as this doesn’t imply that consuming such food items can be considered as a prevention to the disease. The Director of Soul and Art of living (SAAOL) Health Center, New Delhi, Bimal Chhajer also disagreed with the myth that consuming food items with pH level above 7, or with an increasing immunity, the virus can be prevented.

Chhajer also spoke about immunity and said that food items like green leafy vegetables, Broccoli, Spinach, Lemon, Orange, etc. improve the immunity and help the body to fight against any infection. In addition to this, he also said that a combination of apple cider vinegar, garlic, ginger, lemon, and honey is also a very good immunity booster. He added a few more food items like green tea, cinnamon and tulsi drinks, turmeric extracts, which are high immunity boosters, including food items like black grapes, which are high on antioxidants to the list.

Health is wealth as everyone says and the benefits of a strong immunity cannot be denied. Consuming fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamins A, probiotics like yogurt or curd when taken at room temperature acts as an immunity booster. And as far as immunity is concerned, most of the health experts say that maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is the key to a healthy life.

When the coronavirus effect is continuously on the rise, it is very natural and undoubted that everyone wants to fight the virus and want the best for themselves and their loved ones. And undoubtedly It is best that we are cautious about everything around us, and it is in fact good to be aware of any new developments regarding the virus. But, as specialists suggest, it is important that we don’t rely on the news circulated on the media, especially because we are so vulnerable to the internet news. And it is for everyone’s best interests that we wait for health experts and researchers to let us know what is the best way to overcome the crisis. Keep healthy. Keep safe.