COVID-19: How To Crash The World

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Misinformation and not enough information are the perfect storm for panic!!

Ever since this coronavirus popped up back in December, there has been nothing but false conspiracies, panic, misinformation, withheld information, and all of this has been the perfect storm to bring the world to the point where it seems to be falling to its knees. Is this more deadly than influenza? Yes, currently it is. Is the media causing more panic than they should? Yes. More than HALF of the confirmed number of cases have recovered from the virus.


The following is about a 15-minute clip from Joe Rogan's podcast interviewing disease expert Michael Osterholm on COVID-19 and its seriousness. I highly recommend checking out the full interview for more information.

The lack of information out there has the world, especially the markets, in an absolute panic. Today's market at the time of writing this is STILL dropping. It's a reflection of how terrified and uninformed these people are.


Thanks to the insane amount of conspiracy theories due to this virus, like a bioweapon, the myths of how to prevent and cure it, Bill Gates, the normal populace are looking to their leaders for information on this and it is being withheld to prevent panic when instead, that is what is inciting more panic! The US has the highest death rate at this time when it comes to COVID-19, and now, President Trump will be stopping all flights to Europe, except the UK, in an attempt to contain this. Too little too late. Trump is also trying to make the country waiver all copays and increase insurance coverage on testing for the virus. Something that should have been done from the start. Why? People have been too poor and have been being rejected because they "weren't sick enough" for these tests. You can see President Trump's announcement below.

Is this a biblical plague? It has been predicted in the Torah, it is killing thousands of people, it is only the beginning of this virus, and it will have a much greater impact on the economy. This is only the beginning. Are there Torah confirmations this is a bioweapon? No. Conspiracies need to stop. Take a look at the codes released by @prime-cleric Richard Ruff.

Can this get worse? Yes. Much worse, as we've seen panic, misinformation, and withheld information are making this event much worse. Is there a way out? This weapon is biblical. Those truly of God and His son can be spared. Following Lord RayEl and watching the preparation information, spreading his word, and doing God's will are a good start. You must do what you can to protect yourself from the virus as well. Intelligent people make it through these times and it is intelligent, diligent people who will be part of his great Kingdom. In these times, after our predictions of such an event for years, perhaps it is time to come to terms with the days we are facing.

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But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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