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Hi great steemians, hope you are good
I want share with you a short courageous inspiring story that took place in Chernobyl. The story is known as 'The Chernobyl heroes'.

Before I start, I would like to take the definition of courage.

Courage is mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

The Chernobyl disaster happened in 1986. But until now the area is still so radioactive that even plants can’t grow there.

On the day of the accident, the fire and steam explosion can be seen from several miles away. Two people were killed on the spot and 28 others died within a week from radioactive poisoning. But it could have killed more if not for the bravery of three men.

Alexi Ananenko, Valeri Bezpoalov, and Boris Baronov volunteered in what was to be a suicide mission. Because of the accident, the water pipes used for emergencies ruptured and flooded the plant’s basement. If this water mixed with the chemicals, it can result in an even graver explosion.

To prevent further disaster, they had to open a valve that would drain the water. But the valve was located right on the floor of the now radioactive waters. Clad in a scuba suit, they braved the waters knowing full well they could die. The three succeeded in their mission but succumbed to radiation poisoning days later. Because of their heroic actions, a huge disaster was averted and thousands of lives were saved.

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