Courageous Moment !

in courage •  2 years ago  (edited)


It was already on our list to visit Mangrove Forest Langkawi when we went to Malaysia for our honeymoon. The guide was showing us different spots and animals there. He pulled a crab like creature out of a pond. It had many horrible cockroach like legs, a long and hard tail with little spikes on it and a slippery hard shell. Later I came to know that its called 'Horse-shoe crab'. The guide asked the group of around 50 people to hold that. I don't know from where I gathered the courage to step forward and stretched my arms to hold that when everyone else was screaming and walking away. I could feel its creepy legs moving on my palm. My husband was also amazed to see me and immediately captured a picture.

Extreme happiness was felt in doing something that once scared me to death !

When the fear is faced, it dies.


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