Introduction Post: Country Specific Curation New Zealand

Introduction Post: Country Specific Curation


This account is for country specific curation rewards.

The program is inspired by the Steem Theme Recruit-Reward-Retain and Regionalization of engagement, and promotion of content creators.

The goal is to reward good content on a country specific basis by country specific reviewers who understand the language and culture. The goal is to encourage good content creators.

This reward account will grow as big as the country wants it to grow through delegation, and the rewards winners are picked by your country representative, who is selected by @steemitblog, @steemitcurator01 and Steemit, Inc., Contact them if your interested in being a country representative.

The account awards upvotes posts marked @shortsegments reward post by your country representative picked by Steemit Inc.,

It is economically sustained by investment of Steem Power via delegation and investors receive all curation rewards in proportion to their stake monthly.

The Steem of Investors never leaves their wallet, as it is powered up to Steem Power and this Steem Power is delegated loaning the voting power it represents, but not the actual Steem.

Investors should receive payment monthly.

Due to curation rewards being illiquid (Steempower) Liquid Steem is provided by @shortsegments for payment of investors and @shortsegments is delegated the SteemPower in return.

Further articles on delegation will follow.

The countries picked were from the list provided by Steemit, which have country representatives and are active in Steemit Promotion Programs. Contact Steemit Inc., @steemitblog or @steemcurator01 for more information about having a country representative and organizing country specific activities and rewards to grow your countries Steemit Community




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