My Venezuela

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Venezuela is a beautiful country full of resources and with many things to offer, it is one of the most touristic countries due to its beautiful beaches, cable cars, mountains, landscapes and many other things... Our typical dish is the pavilion criollo, a dish worthy to admire as well as the typical arepa and criolla. Venezuela was a potent country due to the amount of oil we own, which was not used in the best way we were gradually declining.... Until 2008 we had everything, in this it is worth noting, abundance in food, all kinds of job opportunities that even people from abroad came to Venezuela to have a better future. In 1999 Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias won the presidential elections, that's when my country began to change, one of his reasons was the decision the president made when dividing the middle and upper middle class people of the lower class. Year after year we saw how our country was declining. In 2013 the then president Hugo Chavez dies, his consequence was a sudden heart attack after 2 years of battling cancer, this statement was said in Cadena Nacional by Nicolas Maduro. This led to a presidential election in which Nicolas Maduro Moros won those elections with "7 million votes". From then on Venezuela would not be the same again, in that same year began to notice the scarcity of food, medicine and many unemployed due to high inflation. President Nicolas Maduro did not graduate from high school.

The strongest sport in Venezuela is baseball, great baseball players have represented us in the major leagues, among them: Omar Vizquel, Miguel Cabrera, Jose Altuve, Salvador Perez, among many more.... Basketball has performed very well because the Venezuelan national team has represented us in many tournaments, and Venezuelan players have arrived at the NBA as Greivis Vazquez..... Venezuelan football has not been very strong but young talents have put our football to value as it did the U-20 World Cup in 2017 that managed to reach the final, something that had never happened even though we were runners-up... Ruben Limardo has represented our Flag Tricolor in fencing.

In the artistic world there is much to highlight as the singer Ignacio Mendoza better known as Nacho and Jesus Miranda better known as Chyno who have achieved impressive feats winning lots of awards, another that stands out in the artistic is the actor Edgar Ramirez who has participated in Hollywod movies.... Our soap operas are not left behind because we have very good writers, it is worth mentioning, our novels are very popular and loved in many countries.

The Venezuelan is characterized by the good humor that always has, even if we are having a bad day, moments of anguish, sadness, anger, we always take the good side or a joke to every problem despite the crisis we are living, the Venezuelan never gives up.

It is no secret to anyone that we are facing an economic crisis due to the great inflation and corruption that has created the same government, day after day the dolsr in our country increases in price what makes our currency that is the Bolivar is devalued, that is to say, each time is worth less and it becomes difficult for us to be able to buy food, that aside from the great cost that it is worth, everything is scarce. We have faith and trust that we will soon come out of this.


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