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Country curation 9/23

Project Update September 23, 2020


Project Background

The Country Specific Curation Program was created to provide additional rewards to the posts manually curated by Country Representatives to posts in #thediarygame.

Multiple small delegations equal large SteemPower

By pooling their resources the Country Representatives can achieve a larger reward vote then by voting with their own voting power.

Manual curation to reward quality, followed by autovoter for speed.

By using curation trails the autovoter follows the voting power percentage allotted by the Country Representative and there is less delay.

Country Representatives help distribute the daily reward pool in a wider geographic distribution

Next level of Engagement is Networking and Collaboration

this project moves Engagement to its next level, called networking or collaboration.

Project Support will be primarily the countries.

this project to be a demonstration of our ability to network within the Steemit Community for our mutual benefit.
If this project successful it will be a demonstration project to encourage Steemians to support other pooled resource projects.

Matching Delegation from Steemit inc., will help in the first 30 days

The match the delegations to encourage this type of networking and engagement.
@misterdelegation @steem @steemit @steemitblog @steemcurator01

All Curation and Author Rewards will be Powered Up

This account posts will be 100% power-up

supporting the three R’s : Rewards, Retention and Recruitment

Progress 1200 SteemPower raised in the first three days!

Current Project Delegations

@tarpan 400 SP

@shortsegments 400 SP

New Zealand
@kwiscanfly 600

Thank you and I hope to announce more delegations soon!


Support this new Project through Delegation

Delegate some your Steem Power to @country-curator

Delegate the amounts below you want to delegate by clicking the number below
10 25 50 100 250 500 1000 <- these are links

After clicking the link, you will be asked to confirm your username and the amount of SP you like to delegate.
Please sign with your active private key.
Remember to leave at least 50SP in your account.

Delegate 10 SP

Delegate 25 SP

Delegate 50 SP

Delegate 100 SP

Delegate 200 SP

Delegate 250 SP

Delegate 300 SP

Delegate 350 SP

Delegate 400 SP

Delegate 500 SP

Delegate 600 SP

Delegate 700 SP

Delegate 1000 SP

Delegate 3000 SP

Delegate 4000 SP

Delegate 5000 SP

Delegate 10,000 SP



Country Curator Project Update

Mentions, The purpose of mentions is to request support for the project with upvotes or delegations.


@tarpan, @toufiq777
@anroja, @ernaerningsih

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