Counting House: The Superior High-Yield Mathematical and Algorithmic Fund

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Hello friends, today we are going to introduce the Countinghouse Fund that is the foreign exchange direct hedge fund at the moment and will become the Countinghouse Crypto Fund after the ICO. The experienced and expert team behind the Countinghouse Fund enjoys profits from the market volatility as well as movements using mathematical techniques and coded algorithms. The fundamental purpose of the Countinghouse Fund is to apply their technology, knowledge, and techniques to cryptocurrency markets achieving incredible results taking advantage of both their advanced techniques and high volatility in the crypto world.  The founders of the Countinghouse Fund were used to trade their own DPP that constitute the fundamental of the  Countinghouse Fund. Now, it is time form the Countinghouse Crypto Fund because the team is ready to adapt their technology and abilities to cryptocurrencies. The investors will take advantage of the well-established infrastructure of  Countinghouse Fund, and their capital will be sent to current accounts. Thus, they will enjoy the advanced and sophisticated techniques of the  Countinghouse Crypto Fund and incredible profits because when the Countinghouse Fund renovated and refurbished the mathematical methods and cryptocurrency algorithms, the outcome was amazing in the last 12 months: netting the fund over 600 %! The capital of the investors will be allocated as the passive reserve (10%0), double-sided arbitrage strategy (30%), and cryptocurrency algorithmic trading (60%), but of course, the allocation strategy will be subject to change according to the market conditions. Investors will be able to keep track of the profits and the growth receiving reports quarterly. In addition to making profits thanks to the sophisticated crypto algorithms, investors will be able to change the possession of the funds freely benefitting from the flexibility as well as security.  


Promoting the innovation and modernization, Countinghouse Fund has offered amazing solutions for the investors and increased the volume of profits all the time thanks to their understanding of the risk management. Countinghouse Fund has utilized the mathematical functions and complex algorithms ensuring the robust financial structure. Unlike many other investment businesses, Countinghouse Fund is not afraid of the recent developments and technological advancements, so Countinghouse Fund is ready to support decentralization and further adaptation of the cryptocurrencies. Thus, Countinghouse Fund will not only provide fantastic profits for the investors but also contribute to the further growth of the crypto community. Moreover, Countinghouse Fund guarantees the adoption of Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures in order to prevent any money laundering attempts and organized frauds, so the credibility of the Countinghouse Crypto Fund will attract much more investors from all around the globe.     

Countinghouse takes advantage of the Wisper’s Information Technology solutions for the smooth functioning of operations, and this situation will continue after the end of the ICO.  According to the last 12 months net growth, it is easy to estimate that investors will enjoy over 600% profit thanks to the advanced techniques and algorithms, and also with the increase in the value of tokens, it is possible to expect over 1000% profit! Therefore, transparent and reliable nature of the Countinghouse Fund offers value, experience, liquidity, and investment security priority thanks to its well-established infrastructure. Also, Countinghouse uses advanced mathematical principles by weighting the portfolios, adopting the cross-portfolio God-Stops, taking measures to Z-scores, promoting the R values to set the profit goals. Therefore, investors will be protected from any human emotions and irrational predictions with the help of full adaptation of the mathematical equations. Also, they will benefit from the rapid adjustment of the latest technologies, sophisticated risk management understanding, and cryptocurrency viability.       

Token Sale  

Countinghouse introduces the ERC20 compatible CHT tokens at the moment!  Visit to contribute to Countinghouse and become a distinguished investor of the product.  

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