World’s Most Expensive Chess Set Jewel Royale Chess Set | Price: $9.8 million.

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chess is a fascinatingly clever and sophisticated board game which is played by millions of people worldwide it is believed that the game originated in India sometime before the seventh century for many of us a chess board consists of a game board and plastic pieces for others a carved wooden set may set them back a couple hundred maybe even a couple of thousand dollars at most then there are others who purchase the most expensive chess set in the world it's not $900 it's not even $9,000 this jewel royale chess set will set you back 9.8 million dollars

 rather than the traditional black and white pieces this exclusive set uses yellow and platinum gold the pieces are adorned with sapphires  meralds rubies diamonds and both black and white pearls the centrepiece of the  collection the is 18 karat yellow gold it's designed to look like a spiral and weighs 165 point 2 grams throughout the spiral body and crown top there are 146 individual diamonds and 73 rubies the platinum gold pawns rooks Knights Towers and clean possessed sapphires while the yellow gold pieces contain rubies 


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