CELT - Better late then never

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Better late then never

Hi guys,
I've got 3 weeks vacation since this week and I'm finding less time then I want to to spend on coding and crypto.
Today is the first day I actually feel relaxed enough to get on here and write it out.
I'm bullish on COSS as they implemented NEO and some time ago said api would be next after neo to can't wait. Also didn't expect the COSS pairs so its a nice welcome.

Daily wallet performance

We've been having ups and downs in this department, but I feel like we're all good. you can check it out on twitter at @acossmulation or at the google sheet itself https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17beD1nxf_sZ3zh1tXAsLUlDHe-KykKZ6YZCEfQAw3xs/edit?usp=sharing. I will keep trying to track it daily.

Coding the dapp, waiting for coss api

The wait for coss's api to finally get here has my coding efforts shifted to creating my own game that will be played on the etherium blockchain,its been pretty much my coding obsession the few time a day I actually get to coding. It is nearing the final stages before I need people to actually go and test it on the testnet. Today I started setting up everything to join the gui side of it as the guy who created https://celt.dvx.me/ is helping me out on that part and I want to push that dev forward as well. I hope to get people to test it next week. When this goes into the testing fase I am finally able to focus my attention on some CELT upgrades.

Upcoming for CELTbot

  • ERC20 to ERC223 upgade using COSS tokenupgrade as template
    the idea is to implement dividend payouts instead of people selling their CELT to get their profits. This needs to be checked if I will be able to implement it, as COSS actual dividend code is not visible. Coding my dapp really gave me a lot of solidity experience that pushes this in the direction of possible.
  • Arbing Kucoin <=> COSS
    this will be the next arb in line to be added and should be doable short term.
  • Arb other exchanges as well
  • Implement the cossbot derived trades logging upgrade
  • prob also other stuff I'm forgetting to mention as well

A lot of stuff to code and not enough time to actually do it.

Help me out by upvoting here and spreading the word.
Thanks to all CELT owners and everyone who helped CELT, I never expected people to help me out in all these diffrent ways you guys have done.

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I would love to my hands on some CELT. What’s the easiest method to acquire this?


using the celt portal at https://celt.dvx.me/ with metamask

Nice update, can't wait to see the new game your building also :)


Also really curious about the new profit distribution system you've mentioned