Community Made Marketing - A Big Thank You to Trevor Scott!

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As always it brings us great joy to see the increasing commitment from our community and today's mention is nothing less than AWESOME. A dedicated COSS user who fell in love with the COSS concept back in December 2017 reached out to us with a self-made explaination video about COSS. Not only is he interested in cryptocurrencies, but he is also a professional film editor currently working for a TV advertisement company in the U.S.A.
His name is Trevor Scott and for those of you that are active on our Telegram channel (, you will know him as Launchbay07.

See his video contribution here, and feel free to share:

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official COSS PTE LTD production.

After making this video Trevor reached out to us personally and expressed his desire and dedication to help more people understand the complicated world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology through his video skills. Little did he know that we have actually have been developing an online academy which will launch soon, an e-learning section for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The e-learning section comes with multiple modules and each module ends with a test, which you need to pass in order to proceed to the next module. There is also a collection of videos that are freely distributed online.

We will connect Trevor with our team and figure out how we can work together to produce more videos like this, and also through his sharing of the video on our Telegram, our community didn’t take long before brainstorming ideas such as community driven/voting of self-made marketing content with COSS tokens as reward, and so on. These ideas are duly noted and already shared with the producers of our e-learning academy. This may very well end up with a section for uploading content with a voting mechanism to reward the best contributions. Thank you very much Trevor and also a big thank you to our ever-growing community out there for posting so many great ideas.

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