Cosplay: Batman's Most Naughty Villians

in cosplay •  last year

Batman's adversaries are also very popular on cosplay convention, and I am happy to have caught this naughty gang of four Batman villains on camera:


Poison Ivy, The Riddler, and two versions of Harley Quinn. Photographed at the Comics Salon convention.

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Hello @vikisecrets. Thank you for sharing your photos.

Friendly Reminder:
1. If you shoot this photo yourself but share at other web site before post on Steemit, please remember to link back to the web site because Cheetah is very clever.
2. If you share someone else photos, please remember to link back the sources of the photos and add some value by adding your own thought or comment.

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ok, all photos are shot by myself :) I will include the backlink to my blog from now on ;)

really like the photo