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I apologize for being so irresponsible and not uploading these pictures. They were taken on last FLORIDA SUPERCON Retro by three awesome photographers, Hugo Sifuentes @hsinack @stigmaproducciones, Greg Rice Greg Rice Photos and the Supercon Retro Photographer who's name I don't know :'( Thank you all for your support, I appreciate it ♥

Thank you so much


Perfect costume, classic Harley is where it's at, and the fabric you chose and design is spot on. Thanks for sharing.

thanks for the support, i wish i could share more with you guys... she is my favorite and i earned a prize at that con <3

♥I don't want to be a creep so I will just do this...♥

XD what the hell XD i would feel weird but that gif is too funny

I enjoy your work and hope to see more costumes from you. Whatever squats your doing at the gym are working. Good on ya haha.

Q bueno verte por aquí @pattycosplayer! Abrazos chula!

un beso a ti!!! espero sacar mas tiempo para postear por aca

Great custom!!! i like so much!! :)

Thanks so much!! she is my favorite character, makes me very happy to know you are supporting my work