Cosplay Token Airdrop Live Now!

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Vote for me as your favorite #CosplayToken ambassador when you sign up for their current Airdrop! 💰

I elaborated on how you can participate with a more detailed post on my website here:

If you want a quick link straight to the airdrop you can use this:

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Hey guys.Whats your opinion about rawg.It actually pays users to play games(as tokens of course).The best thing is that ,You can also sync in your past data.
This is Revolutionary,each and everyone of the gamers will jump into this platform once they hear about it.They have a working platform ready even before the ico,that's how serious they are.Just think about it, A platform that awards tokens for the games you play for fun.This is like every gamers dream come true.
Its also referred to as the IMDb of games(and so much more).
Check it out.You won't be disappointed.
They even have an awesome bounty program(fixed payment) running.All hunters are welcome.
Rawg Ann thread
Bounty thread
See you on the other side.lets RAWG!!


Have not heard about this before but am chock and block full right now on the schedule front and the participation in crypto vibes. Working at my highest frequencies already. Thanks for the share though, maybe someone else can use this info :)