Dragon Age Murder Mystery - Looking For Volunteer Cosplayers and Actors for Video Collab!

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Good morning everybody :)


I'm looking for some volunteer cosplayers and/or actors to fill some remaining roles for a video collab I'm looking to make for my gaming channel.

The project is a Dragon Age themed Murder Mystery, where each character speaks to a magical mirror (smartphone in reality, or any other camera for that matter) as a candid confessional, retelling the events of the evening of the murder in question. From each person's video, I will make several videos for the series.

You don't need to be an actor if you're not, and you don't need to know Dragon Age, though it helps, since I can send you photos and links to help you get into character. You just need to be able to put together a simple yet viable costume, have a simple background and be at ease in front of a camera. And this is all on a voluntary basis, though in return I will make a promotional video for you and your work/projects. A video dedicated to each person, is what I'm planning to do.

The roles that still need to be filled are 4 male roles, and maybe one female role (I,m still waiting on a confirmation). In the male roles there are 2 humans, 1 dwarf and 1 elf. One human is a Templar Knight, the other a Circle Mage, the dwarf is a merchant, and the elf is a spy and assassin.

How it'll work is, it will require perhaps 10 minutes of video recording. I have detailed notes on the key events for that character and what they need to talk about, but dialogue will be improvised. Part A consists of introductions and showing off, and telling us your relationship with the murder victim. Part B is more elaborate, where you tell us the events of the evening from your perspective. Part C involves revealing gossip regarding other characters, with Part D being revealing a scandalous secret about yourself. All that is written out, you'll just need to get into character and improv your dialogue to get through the key notes. I'll also have some technical notes for framing and other such details.

If you're interested, let me know, I can answer any questions you have. I have documents ready made, and I will be able to send that via e-mail, so alternately, you can contact me directly. My e-mail is always public on my website: info@binkyproductions.com. Put as the topic: DA Murder Mystery.

Thanks :)

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I can play a circle mage easy. :)

Find me on Discord.

I had once played this game on my pc but did not know it had such a big following.


Cool. Yeah, the game has become something quite big. The franchise grew due to the rich lore the game presents, I believe.