Dr. Edward Spencer M.D. explains Attack on Humanity in August 28, 2018 Youtube video

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I often times browse on my smart phone through many potential things to watch on Youtube but I am very selective in deciding whether to take the time to watch anything.

Back on 9/11/2018 I ended up watching a 45 minute interview of Dr Edward Spencer MD from his hospital bed at Marin General Hospital that was conducted by Deborah Tavares and posted on Youtube on August 28, 2018.

I had never heard of Dr Edward Spencer before, but his research that he shared in this brief interview, that he has engaged in since 1996, devoting a lot of time to “trying to understand why the world is such a total mess,” his credibility, his demeanor, and his genuine caring and love that came through clear and strong in this interview, was enough to convince me that these areas of research that he was discussing were now areas that I need to start delving into in more detail, even though they are very difficult, with a lot of uncertainty and controversy. It is not like I had never heard anything before about what he was talking about, but some of it was new to me, and again it was enough to suggest to me that I need to start delving into these subject matters on my own at this point and also collaborate with others of like mind and interest.

I was amazed to see that this Youtube video of his as of 9/23/2018 had gotten 447,550 views. And there were over 6327 comments left by viewers on it.

I was also impressed by the comments that Dr. Spencer made about the Jefferson Bible. This is because I have recently become convinced that I can no longer consider the Bible the Word of God, let alone the inerrant Word of God. Therefore, I am now much more inclined to viewing with favor the effort that Thomas Jefferson made to pull out from the Bible (or at least the New Testament) the parts of value while taking out the miraculous supernatural spooky stuff.

Also, because I delved into the flat earth movement over the last year or so and was entertaining the ideas of some of those who were literalist Bible believers, and some of those were also very much into speculations about the Nephilim as the result of fallen angels mating with human females based on their interpretation of Genesis 6, and all kinds of theories and speculations about how even though God tried to get rid of the Nephilim with the flood, some still survived, and to this day we still have Nephilim among us, supposedly, etc.

By the way, I had first heard of this interpretation of Genesis 6 from the Bible teacher I started following hard core in 1974, R B Thieme Jr. So this is nothing new having fundamentalist Bible teachers believing that the Word of God teaches them that fallen angels actually mated with human females resulting in some sort of hybrid super humans or Nephilim.

The problem with this sort of thinking, that has taken me almost my entire life so far to figure out and get beyond, is that once you take something as true because you think that God told you, and you also happen to believe that God is all powerful (omnipotent) then there really is no end to the sorts of unbelievable things you can end up believing in. And if you also end up believing that God is going to send anybody to hell forever who does not believe in Him on exactly the right things in exactly the right way, then that kind of seals the deal and traps you and makes it hard to see anything beyond this.

Anyway, since I can no longer accept any of this Bible being the Word of God stuff, I cannot take this seriously as some sort of reliable truth from God.

I certainly could not read all the comments posted in response to Dr. Spencer’s video, but some were from devout literalist Bible believers who were saying things like that Dr. Spencer is right about a lot, but he needs Jesus. And they say that all this stuff about some other race or species being in control is just Satan and his demons and fallen angels and any remnants of the Nephilim. And the vast majority of these literalist Bible believers also believe in hell as eternal conscious torment and the turn or burn gospel, meaning that if you do not turn to God through accepting Jesus Christ as your sin bearing savior then you will burn in hell forever.

The problem is, that even if the Bible were the inerrant Word of God, there are many verses in the Bible which support Universal Salvation in contrast to those that many interpret as implying eternal conscious torment. So the major mistake that these believers are making, is that they are claiming to be 100 % sure about their interpretation when no one can possibly be 100 % sure when there are clearly conflicting Biblical passages on this. Claiming to be 100 % sure about something when you cannot possible be so, is another way of lying.

So anyway, I was glad to see Dr. Spencer not falling for this, but instead emphasizing the power of Love.

So I decided to make this blog post just to refer to Dr. Edward Spencer’s work and how I am intending to follow-up on these things myself.

He has a two part report which he told me is in the public domain, which anybody can get on scribd. Here are the addresses where these two parts were already available on scribd.



I have recommended to my good friend Brian Ruhe in Canada that Dr. Spencer would be a good guest to be on his show.


The turn or burn gospel God virus is often spread like this. Purveyors spend a great deal of time convincing you of all the terrible things that are going on in the world and society and how many of these things are being disguised or hidden but they know these hidden truths and how all this is evidence of Satan and his demons working overtime to destroy and enslave humanity and get as many humans to go to hell with him as he can, but you can ultimately be saved from going to hell yourself if you just put your trust in Jesus Christ as your sin bearing savior, and let God know this by saying this little prayer.

And of course, once they have hooked a person into this, that person has just been initiated into a fear based religious cult by means of a trauma based mind control technique.

Could this be the ultimate False Flag? Satan coming to you in the form of God and Savior. Don’t we usually think of trauma based mind control as being satanic?

I use satanic in the sense of evil, as personified in Satan, and not implying that Satan has to be an actual real person or individual.

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