Corona virus as a lifetime earning opportunity?

in #coronavirus3 years ago

Have you ever thought about earning while many people suffers from staying at home or being sick of corona virus?
Last month, I was thinking, why to invest in games producers firms - while I can possibly earn from buying some stocks of companies that produces tests for corona virus. So I did. I live in Poland and here we have some companies that produces or imports test for corona. At first I bought some stocks, then sold them to buy others and so on. In that short period of time I earned 240% of money I have invested!!! Woah, I thought, that kind of opportunity happens in lifetime. I know, there are also forex and cryptocurrencies, but with very high ups and very low downs. I had many fails in investing in cryptocurrencies and now I don't want to invest in such uncertain instruments. Something like it was in 2017, bitcoin and altcoins was on rise through all the year - it won't happen again. I think there are also in those hard time, not having any stocks will end with bankrupt for many people. Remember, do your research, catch the moment and invest wisely, not all-in on one stock. This is not financial advise, only my opinions.

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