Is the Coronavirus as bad as they say it is?

Hello, is everyone afraid of this coronavirus yet? Have you stocked up on food? have you got cash at hand for when the banks fold? are you staying in the house and only going out when you have to? are you staying updated with the news and has it been the basis of must of your conversations the past few weeks. If you have done all the above, you my friend are getting played and there are no 2 ways about it. We're all getting played right now.
If you know me, you know me. If you don't, your maybe thinking im a heartless cunt but don't get it twisted. Im a numbers guy and the numbers are very comfortable for me. Look, the whole world is shitting itself right now? Trillions and trillions of dollars wiped off the stock markets, the crypto market seen a -40% day yesterday and even gold has not a safe haven. Cash looks to be king and the safest thing to hold which very scary because cash is a negative-yielding asset that's only worth what the issuing government says its worth.


I plan to turn a profit from this "pandemic", im stocking up BTC, stocks and silver while they are all on special offer. Everyone else can stack toilet paper, dry pasta and pay $20 for 100ml of hand sanitizer. If it's coming my way, no amount of toilet paper will save my ass. Bitcoin is $5500 at the minute, im happy to wait for 9-24 months and wipe my ass my £20 notes. I think it's a great time to make any investment as everything is down. I could be hugely wrong and i might eat these words but something that happens for a few months this year will be long forgotten in 2-3 years. Coronavirus will be remembered in history as the thing that sparked the great 2020 recession that has begun.

Companies are going bankrupt, people are losing jobs, getting into debt to get by. Travellers are stuck in foreign countries because of quarantine and airlines are going bust cause they are flying empty planes to keep runway time slots. The whole world is a fucking joke right now. 5400 people have died from this since the first reported case in December, i understand it's still spreading and not hit it's peak yet but these are really small numbers. Obesity is a pandemic, this is not the zombie virus that is gonna wipe us out. When everyone is put on house arrest and the army roam the streets, its a pandemic and that's when I'll shit myself and take it seriously.


I im aware that a virus is completely different in the way it spreads and infects a person. They guess that each person that gets corona will infect 2.2 others on average but here are few numbers to put you at ease. Corona has killed 20 people today which is 1 for every 277 million people on the planet. Winning the euro millions lotto is twice is likely to happen. You are x140 times more likely to commit suicide, x137 times more likely to die from a mosquito bite are x6.85 times more likely to die from a snake bite. Does anyone remember Ebola that killed over 30,000 people 2014-2016? Nah? just about? Yeah, that was mostly African countries so we didn't care so much about that one and stock up on dried milk. Half the died products people have bought will never go to use and just will take up space in the cupboards until it goes out of date.

If each second you counted a number, it would take you 20 seconds to count to 20, this represents the 20 people that died today. If we counted total deaths of 5436, it would take to 90 minutes and 36 seconds. There are 7,772,525,893 people on the planet, counting non stop 1 second at a time would take 24.66 years. Even if we counted to 277 million, it would take 8.78 years. Can you see that 20 seconds is nothing? Im not saying these people's lives did not matter, im just trying to show why this is being way blown up. The highest guesses on what the total deaths will be are around 500,000, this is 1 in every 15,544 people on the planet. Going by those numbers, there around a 30% chance that one of Steem's 5000ish active daily posters will die from the corona.


Listen, if this was happening in some 3rd world country we would not hear about it are care. It's only because it's a 1st world problem the press is pushing it this hard, people are crapping themselves and filling their cupboards. If there was no press articles about panic buying, people would not do it. Monkey see monkey do i guess. I think the outcome of all markets crashing would have happened with are without the press as, by the time the public knows there's a crash, the people that run the show will have already sold out. Their sell orders are the crash, lol.

I think we are in for hard times over the next 4-9 months as they are not sure when it'll peak are how long for. Overall, im not that worried about it to be honest. I am worried about the global economy as a whole. I think this will lead to a recession and if the tread stays true, silver and gold will moon in around 18-24 months time. The stock markets will recover with lots of newly printed money and fuck knows what will happen to Bitcoin. I hope it goes up.

Thanks for reading through my post. Take it how it is, the thoughts of someone that has very little knowledge of how viruses work and how dangerous this could be. Looking back into the past, evidence what suggest this thing is being blown up. Not saying don't be safe and wash your hands every 5 minutes, just saying no need in getting stressed about it. Try not reading/watching the news for 2 days, it'll work wonders for your mental health. Out of sight, out of mind with caution maybe. Anyways, take a look at the bigger picture and it's not so bad.

STEEM ON!! I guess

Can anyone answer?

Just a quick question about yesterdays crypto market crash. When i was checking through coinmarketcap, i noticed everything was down 30-40%. This is normal and we all know that altcoins we follow BTC most the time but why and how? I personally hold around 10 different cryptos and i have never sold them all at once. How does every coin/token drop 30-40%. How is it that the people as an unaware collective can sell off the perfect amount of any token/com to drive the price to match the rest of the market? Maybe im like really stupid but i don't get that, it looks really set up and planned to me. Help a bro out of you know why massive gains and loses happen like this :)

2 people have died from corona in the lime it took me to write this post


Sorry, but it made me lol. Im going to hell.


Yesterday I was talking to a friend and I told her that I was not worried about the virus, I was worried about the economical and social crisis that is growing.
Now you wrote about very similar ideas.
In my country they say that the devil is not as ugly as they paint him.

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We have a similar saying here. We say, a wolf in sheep's skin.

Thanks for letting me know im not alone in my thoughts :)

'News of every ones death from Corona virus has been greatly exaggerated.'

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i agree the press are having a field day with this. I seen a new channel that is 24/7 updates bout corona. lmao.

"it'll peak are how long for"

Or how long for?

thk U 4 correct'in me

Dude. The panic shoppers were out in strength today. One dude at the shop had a cart full of aspirin and Tylenol. Like 20 years worth!! And no big paper to be found anywhere! It seems like I'm the only one around town that isn't panicking!

We can only buy 2 packs of tablets at a time in the UK, that's why we a nation of drinkers and not pill poppers. It'll pass over, the way i see it is if it comes it comes and there's very little to do about it.

It's all madness, i always do my shopping online and i always get to pick a 1 hour slot next day delievelry but now i have to wait 6 fooking days. If corona comes anywhere near me, i'll fuck it to death.

Stay strong bro, panic like the rest and your sheeple

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