February 23 2020 Coronavirus Update

The biggest scariest thing for me since my last update was the news out of Korea. A woman with symptoms of the virus refused tests for it as she had not been to China. She then proceeded to visit her church, Shincheonji Church of Jesus in Daegu and apparently infected scores of people there or caused the ripple impact anyway.

Imagine if she survives being known as a super spreader and the potential cause of other people's death through her own stubbornness.

It scares me how quickly things can escalate. Canada isn't safe yet.

Numbers wise CoVid-19 as coronavirus is known as now has

infected at least 78,817
Killed at least 2,462

But many more have recovered 23,290 recorded so far.

If the truth was known and all people with the virus came forward for testing instead of staying at home there could be over 150k cases and if China recorded deaths or tested dead bodies the death count would likely be over 10k.


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