Education that has already been achieved.

in #coronaviruslast year

💎America has lost its superiority.
💎China won World War III without spending a single missile.
💎Europeans are not as talented as they seem.
💎Vacations can be made without taking a Europe-America tour.
💎Poor immunity is higher than the rich.
💎 People are always looking for opportunities in price rise, be it rich or poor.
💎On this planet, humans are the true virus.
💎Red-ribbon does not come in handy to spend billions with the help of poor people.
💎A health worker is more useful than a footballer.
💎 If not used, there is no oil value.
💎How does the bird feel at the zoo?
💎Nature can quickly arrange itself, without the help of humans.
💎Most jobs can be done at home.
💎Everyone, big and small, can live without junk food.
💎There is no need to keep the minor criminals in jail.
💎Living healthily or cleanly is not a difficult task.
💎The kitchen is not just for girls.
💎There are still good people on earth.

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