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Corona Virus or COVID-19 has shocked the whole world! With its powerful ability to spread easily, it has infected more than 750k people and killed more than 34k people! It's so easily spreadable that even the WHO(World Health Organisation) has declared it a pandemic disease!

But what is CoronaVirus? Where it came and how did it spread?

  • CoronaVirus or COVID-19 is a group of viruses that cause a wide variety of diseases like common cold and cough to other serious diseases. It's a Zoonotic disease i.e. disease or virus with are in animals and they transmit into human bodies. This disease transmitted into humans because of the consumption of animals like bats and pigs by Chinese people.

Why the name Corona?

  • The Scientists named this virus as CoronaVirus because when you observe it under a microscope it looks like a crown.

How does this virus spread?

  • There are two ways of spreading
  1. Respiratory ways- Sneezing and Coughing

  2. Physical contact - Handshake and even touching various objects

What are the symptoms of CoronaVirus?

  • It starts from a mild cold, cough, fever, etc. to diseases like serious Nimonia and various other diseases.

Why countries are consistently cleaning or sanitizing public places?

  • If the person suffering from corona will touch or make physical contact with any object, then a few parts of the virus will be left on the surface and the virus will survive for several hours on the surface. By that time if any normal person will touch the object having the virus then the virus particles will get transferred to person and he or she will catch CoronaVirus. That's why countries are consistently cleaning and sanitizing public places to remove that virus from the objects.

Why are we told to wash or sanitize our hands at regular Intervals?

  • A person having the virus particles in hands will not be infected by Corona until he or she touches his or her face. Washing hands and sanitizing kills the virus particles on our hands. That's why we are told not to touch our faces until we wash or sanitize our hands.

85% of the sufferers having normal Flu-like symptoms recover within 6-7 days. Others who get serious infections, most of them are already suffering from premorbid conditions or are already suffering from any other disease like heart disease or lung disease. This is more likely to affect people above 65 years.

To stop this deadly disease from spreading we all have to cooperate and follow a few steps -

  1. Wash or sanitize hands at regular intervals

  2. Stay away from any person suffering from flu-like diseases

  3. Wear a mask in public places

  4. Avoid going to crowded places

  5. Avoid physical contact (use namaste instead of a handshake)

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