Day 3 - Leaving Quarantine to find Food

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As BC declared a state of emergency, I carefully left the house on foot for groceries. Come along to see what I saw, get some tips on locating food during the economic collapse, and hear the latest news coming out of BC and Canada.

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Pit of Hell

State of Emergency in BC

Canada's latest bailout - $82 Billion

My apologies for the low tech production, and my 12-year-old distorted camera. I make do with what I've got! : )




told u the steem price recovered :D and soon u have both hive and steem coins.. just make sure to have absolutely no money in exchanges

I agree with you about nothing in exchanges. I also believe the same thing about banks (exchanges for fiat currency).
Curious.. what specifically do you believe is an exchange, Steem blockchain, Hive blockchain, or neither? Assuming I have my private keys and nobody else does, would you consider that 100% safe from other party risk? Am I my own banker, like I am when I alone control my bitcoin wallet key?

like the thing is if u store money in exchanges ur data on how much u own is stored in a silly centralized hackable sql server, and exchanges will not last for ever... one day an exchange might just go out of business and all stuff u have on it is gone... blockchain is eternal and until there is quantum computing in 100 years your keys aswell are save... then if you have the steem market or the steem sbd-steem exchange which is on the blockchain its just a normal peer to peer exchange but this is super save because u just write in the blockchain you would pay this much steem for this much sbd and my offer expires at this time or watever... it would look like this on the blockchain:
but i have no clue how well they do the hardfork so im gonna do no exchanging while they do the hardfork tomorow friday at 2pm UTC just to be on the safe side

also the point of the hardfork is to not have your information and steem controlled by these centralized sock puppet witnesses from justin sun... most community will be on hive, so they will be as soon as the hardfork happens powerdown their steem and sell it for hive, and leave only the chinese and korean community behind... this will also reck the hundreds of thousand of dollars worth of steem justin sun invested when he tried to buy a stake that was promised to the community. in the hive hard fork, justin has no such stake, and will not be able to dictate who is in the top 20 witnesses and what code witnesses of hive should run, as he did for steem.

you will automatically have as much steem as you have hive, so technically you have suddenly 2 copies of the same token, except one will be controlled by justin soon... binance anounced they will in the near future allow hive exchanges...

So Hive is what Steem was supposed to be 4 years ago? A decentralized blockchain and currency?

yes, except the promise steemit inc made 4 years ago about the ninja mined stake being used to improve the blockchain and being politically neutral was broken by justin sun, hence steem the way it was promised to us was a lie.... hive is under the hood steem, because it uses the same code except when powering up witness votes are not affected instantaneously and there is no ninjamined stake...

justin sun already started the censorship of steemit by blocking the anouncement post of hive on the steemit webpage. imagine what he would do to posts informing people about falun gong being put into concentration camps in china since 1999 and being the reason why china is able to transplant tens of thousands of "donated" organs even before it had an organ donation system...

Okay, thanks for the extra info. It's a fair bit to consider.
I'm fairly busy just with survival at the moment, taking care of the baby and trying to get food into the house before complete lockdown here for the next 2-6 months. If this has to be done immediately, count me out. If there's time, great, I'll investigate it soon. : )

so much food for 2-6 months? its more dangerous to go shopping now when there are people, better wait until supermarkets replenished and streets are empty... last week danish supermarkets lacked many basic things but now they restocked... and dont go crazy buying toilet paper and meat because that is stupid... remember other people are shopping aswell so don't instantly buy 6 months of food... i already stocked up on rice in early febuary just because i hamster shop when there is no apocalypse XD since i could not find any vegetables last week i have now canned beans and canned vegetables, but i only bought 3 each so others can have too (though no one seemed to be buying canned foods here)

Crazy times indeed, thanks for sharing your video 😀.

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Get a new camera! I never upvote people with shitty old cameras.

Give him a new camera if you are so rich! Did you not hear a word he said? He is on lockdown, fixed income and feeding a new baby. Even if he HAD the money, he cannot get one right now. Looks like you did not even bother to give him an UPVOTE you cheap bastard!

So much money to pay people who can't work anymore to stay home and eat because businesses are shutting because we're scared of all getting disabled at the same time.

I wonder if there's any budget in those billions of dollars for the actual bottleneck of the problem: ventillators. But don't worry we can all work from home, unless there's a service we want to conveniently crash, like youtube....cuz the tech industry can't work from home.

Yeah... essentially they are going to print money from thin air (ie: rob value from everybody) to pay people to stop doing their jobs. The result? Less production, slowed economy, higher costs. Sounds extremely unsustainable, which is likely by design.

Ohhhhh I can smell those MK Ultra flowers right through the screen!

Stay safe bro🙏🤗

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