Day 1: Covid-19 self-isolation on the homestead

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Home on the range

Yesterday we hit our trigger point for we determined would provoke self-isolation. I made a last run to the feed store yesterday. There wasn't a really good reason to do so, just last minute nerves. We have been preparing for weeks for this day but I'm surprised it is here. So here we are on the farm. I've shifted a lot of work to telecommuting and lost other business. But, as I have believed for three weeks, it is going to be worth it.

Not that anyone knows the prevalence since it is nearly impossible to get a test even if you are symptomatic much less the surveillance that would be needed to estimate prevalence.


As this semi-log chart shows, a straight line (slope=1) indicates an exponential disease rate which is where the world is right now. I would recommend this good primer on the math if you are interested in what to expect. Of course in our area, no one knows the actual prevalence since it is nearly impossible to get a test kit even if you are symptomatic.

Psychological readiness

We are focusing on cultivating a home for our children that is resilient and self-supporting

  1. Use a visual schedule to plan out each day
  2. Alternate homeschool, chores, and unstructured play
  3. Limit internet checking behaviors (need to improve)

Physical readiness

Yesterday, I emptied out the chest freezer of small game left from the hunting season that I froze in the round (whole carcass). It is defrosting now, and I will skin and quarter it out. I will fill the freezer back up with quartered out game, grocery store meat, and milk. Some of the game we will eat, but much of it will go to the chickens. I don't think this is going to get serious enough for me to try possum.

I have most of the spring garden planted, except for the potatoes. I cut up the seed potatoes a couple days ago and they are scaling over. We will plant Monday. At least I am home to frequently water the seeds. I find hand watering is much better for starting seeds than the drip irrigation system.


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We made the feed run today, and pretty much we have all we need here on the farm. Not so much self isolation, but life as usual. I don't tend to leave the farm much.

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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