Attempted murder, state terrorism and what turns out

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The art of Judo is to use the opponent's strength.

Imagine a scenario in which one or more individuals are required by the "authority" this because they disobey certain rules of this "health contingency". For example: it is known that in certain places and states the peoples are obliged to wear sanitary masks, which in most cases are food grade or worse, even homemade, without meeting any standard and not containment for pathogens and biosecurity grade. It turns out that the highest autority in the field of health on the planet (the WHO) which is a dependency of the United Nations as well as the CDC, have issued in their most recent bulletins in which circumstances such accessories should be worn, such information may be consulted here:

So, certain political figures decide that they have and should have more relevance and weight than the maximum exponents in health. Intimidating everyone who challenges their "divine - pig" power with the use of public force. It is true that every day there are more cases of people affected by this pandemic, which you can consult here:

Let us observe that the constitutional elect, even when he is reproached, appeals to that rigged constitution, withdraws suppresses and modifies his liberties at his convenience. That is to say: the constitution serves to protect them in the supposed mandate in which they have been placed, but not to respect the rights of those stated there. All of the above at your convenience. Then they dictate (as a simple dictator) means that far from responding to a sanitary logic, they respond to whims and political, criminal and even religious fanaticism.

For example, there are many characters who, as a result of the aforementioned facts, have suppressed alcohol consumption, the above according to them (politicians - health experts) to avoid the meeting and keep the vicious in their respective pens. It turns out that by doing this they promote smuggling, the illegality of the legal and therefore justify the use of force, and the existence in itself of the different agencys of state repression (repressive and terrorist)
In a climate like the previous one, the sale of adulterated beverages is encouraged, which due to the lack manufactured by them, has to supply the current market with products of dubious quality, as well as speculation and the sale at a premium of a product that until a few Hours was legal and by the way exquisite (also pork and its derivatives are exquisite).

In the same way, these expert politicians tell business owners to close, which leads to the dismissal of workers, the delay in the respective payments with suppliers, creditors and the tax system. When one of those affected by such a despotic act rebukes the alleged and appointed commander of compliance, he does not give them options and only barks at them: "Either you close or I put you in jail." So, unlike other nations, in which their respective administrations have supported private companies, workers and society itself. Here you are given two options in the style of criminal gangs: either line up and obey or lock you up. To make matters worse, all the officials of the judicial system are in their homes and apparently for an indefinite time, that is to say, the person who is detained must wait for the contingency to pass "it may be indefinite" or wait for visit the disease-causing pathogen in your luxury cell. Here the conditions
of overcrowding and lack of hygiene in the criminal justice system are luxurious.


According to them, the minimum distance from person to person must be 1.5 meters, physical contact from person to person should be avoided, contact with potentially infected surfaces should be avoided, and therefore overcrowding should be avoided.

All good so far.

It turns out that the agent of the "order" himself who has to rebuke, intimidate and correct the alleged offender and in the face of his refusal to succumb to the designs of a madman in power, must reduce to obedience the offender of said rules " whims and criminal convenience ”to undertake this, he must struggle with the offender, throw him on the ground, handcuff him and all this and then confine him to a cell in overcrowded conditions, precarious food and dubious or null hygiene, which must remain in that place (kidnapped) waiting for the bureaucratic workers of the criminal justice system to return from his much deserved vacation.

Then the question arises: Under normal conditions this police procedure is the one accepted by most "democracies" As it turns out, we now have a lethal and loose pathogen. Therefore, the act of subjecting someone by force, throwing them on the ground “possibly contaminated” and then locking them up in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions is perceived as an attempted murder. The foregoing is affirmed given that both the person in charge of said locality or state as well as the different law enforcement officers have full knowledge of said situation, therefore they act with premeditation, malice or advantage given the incapacity of an individual in normal conditions to face one (almost always several) “order” agents, as well as the helplessness caused by the nullity of process guarantees and the lack of judicial and administrative personnel. So we are facing an act of exposure of a person to an infectious agent with lethal capacity (your statistics not mine) see them here:

All of the above in a clear act of usurpation of functions, ignorance of the measures adopted by the competent agency (not by members of white- collar crime), thus depriving the alleged offender of his most elementary rights, the right to free movement By depriving him of his right to freedom and exposing him to something that everyone understands has the potential to "kill."

It turns out that they are serious events, but things do not stop there.

Since whoever commits the abuse is an acting agent of the different powers of the state and other repressive agency and this is done by express order of an individual who, unaware of the recommendations of the experts as well as of the constitution itself in which and Redundancy is worth what hen takes refuge and protects herself with something called
jurisdiction, a constitution that is valid for him and his criminal partners, but not for the majority affected. This is perceived as a crime of state terrorism. That is to say: an individual or individuals arbitrarily and unilaterally decide to suppress and establish a climate of terror for control purposes, to profit from the fear of others and, of course, for purposes of political proselytizing.

So, what to do?

Regardless of where or how or in which social class you were born, your main right is the right to life. So what about striving for the instinct of self-preservation and survival that you would do when one of these beasts and for no logical reason is exposing you to something that according to them statistics has killed thousands of people and will continue to kill many more? What would you do if someone tries to kidnap, rob you, steal or harm you in any way? The question is asked because these guys areoffering you a perspective or front view of the barrel of a smoking gun. In other words
in order to make vouchers, their whims are capable of killing you or any.

So what would you do?

It is perceived from the above that the climate of ungovernability and terror established in these parts of the planet is extreme, it turns out that no one is out there lobbying to invade or punish the dictator and his henchmen. Maybe are one of they partners or perhaps it is no longer necessary to invade, since everything feasible to steal has already been

According to his writings, God created the world in 6 days and rest in 7, from here to December many days are missing and everything can happen. It is wise to let go of the ties of a problematic and toxic friendship, trying to support it can drag both of them into a rough sea with unsuspected

Nothing lasts forever ... Good luck!