Sunday Night Pirate Mailbag Party During Corona Chan Martial Law

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Sunday Night Pirate Mailbag Party During Corona Chan Martial Law

Dlive Replay:

Enjoy My YouTube Video:

This is a mailbag video, during which I read letters from the cr3w, who emailed to me some intel.

This video is 100% in accordance to the WHO, CDC, Bill Gates, and Dr. Fauci and does not deny any of their advanced or minor wizard skills.

Pastebin show notes:

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MailBag Epsiode 3

It's party time:

Good ball skillz:


Nice Mask:


Busted CNN:

Arrest Bill:

China Ambassador Dead:

Uh oh:

The crew is on deck:

Byicicling in the future:

Doctor Speech Removed: file:///C:/Users/Titus/OneDrive/Documents/RPReplay_Final1589224604.MP4

Artisan Farmacy:

Bill 6666 trace act:


It's rinse and repeat with these "experts” - first Ebola now Covid-19. We can easily identify narratives with a single search.

Eric Slayer:
Corona Chan Guidelines:

Obey all authorities on social distancing virology such as actors and Bill Gates

Avoid the germ carrying public from bothering you with social visit by remaining indoors at all times and boarding up your windows. Extra tip: keeps the lights off even at night

Turn off cell phone as a means curve any temptation to leave your home and visit with friends and family. Even calling 911 in an emergency will bring those bio-zombie first responders
to your doorstep. Moreover, the police are busy with real emergencies such as citing parents who let their children play outside in the fresh air

Lazy is the new black. Stave off restlessness by embracing a listless lifestyle. To help you with this deprive your body of essential nutrients by limiting yourself to just one meal a
day. Additionally, stay out sun light. Vitamin D rich UVs are bad for viruses

Wash your hands at least 72 times a day

At all times, wear the proper PPE even while showering and sleeping: rubber gloves, booties over your socks, hospital gown, N95 face mask, goggles and anti-sneeze shield. As a
thoughtful gesture, make sure to keep a spare body bag next to your bed in the event that you should suddenly die from asphyxiation in the middle of the night. This will save the
coroner from having to get one when they find your cadaver years later

Keep yourself entertained with art project such as making a voodoo doll of the sun; wash an American flag in bleach, or take up palm reading. The Communist Manifesto is
highly recommended in times like these

Stay ahead of the competition by studying the latest dance moves on the internet to better your chances of finding a job in a shit economy. Sign-jiggling will be the next
top profession, word

If you hear a knock at the door, lock yourself in the basement immediately if you have one; they're most likely convicts released from the local prison

While in the basement face the wall and cry. This will improve asocial behavior that might otherwise lead to gregarious behavior which leads to infections, bad breath,
global warming, giant radioactive cock roaches conquering the world (that's the government's job)

And always remember that social distancing equals emotional distancing. 6 feet apart or 6 feet under, welcome to 2020

From Stacey:

hay titus


i thought this might interest u
IMPORTANT: Vi Coactus (V.C.): if you are ever forced to sign a document against your will,
put the initials "V.C." in front of your signature to invalidate it. Or bracket your [signature] or do both.

From J MIttens:

FuckBillGates T Shirt:

From Shifty Five:

This article mentions low oxygen levels in the blood
Mycoplasma (bacterial)
And nanobots
ALL eat iron....
Iron carries oxygen

I'm a biologist engineer
I believe this Thing we're up against was started in 2015 when allergies shot thru the roof
They're spraying the Gulf with that toxic algae as an alternative energy source

Then of course there's the DARPA SHIT


😆 Ozzy knew

Invisible mercs HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.

Hypersealth Bio Tech:

Watch ammon bundy's channel "Children's Emergency Quarantine Centers" on YouTube:



I dunno
Supposedly this thing is like HIV and malaria...
Whatever is going on...
I'm pretty sure we all need to detox and prevent by fixing it from the mineral VITAMIN herb gut biotic level...cuz that's what we are
I wonder if an emp of sorts for the human body would work

Anyway great work you do

Both have bio weapons
Both apply as them telling us what they're doing.
Austin is army future command headquarters...

I got droned May 1 at 2am
I've been quite the Troublemaker here for 15yrs
I was a Ron Paul delegate 2012
I was campaign manager for a guy running for Congress here
I tried to hold my Sheriffs feet to the fire for years

From Lynette:

Most frequently used Mk Ultra programing
-Alice in wonderland
-Wizard of OZ
-Monarch Butterfly

Mk ultra mind control brainwash monarch programming illuminatti disney #mkultra alice in wonderland sketch drawing illustration e.l.ena.s mickey mouse MK

Dear State of MN Representative,

Based on the statistics from the CDC, the ACTUAL number of overall deaths in the entire United States is still LOWER than each of the last 3 years at this time (weeks 1-18).
This has NEVER changed. If we are experiencing a massive and deadly pandemic, why does this not show in the actual numbers? If there are 80K dead from Covid 19, who is NOT dying?
Or I mean, who would have potentially died of another cause if the government was not paying hospitals thousands of dollars MORE for the Covid 19 diagnosis?
There will be some additional deaths on the next report from the CDC, but other than the 2 most recent weeks, the numbers are basically stable.
I have been updating my spreadsheet weekly and the trend HAS NOT changed. I will be updating my document weekly sending it out to everyone until
this ridiculous lock down is OVER. These numbers do NOT justify being on lock down.

Are there more questions that need to be asked about the statistics? YES, However, you can get those questions answered AFTER the state is REOPENED for business!!

Actual Total Deaths in the United States weeks 1-18 Dec 30th to May 3rd

Year Deaths Up/Down from 2020
2014 939,482 (76,220)
2015 996,281 (19,421)
2016 980,754 (34,948)
2017 1,025,500 9,798
2018 1,053,535 37,833
2019 1,027,322 11,620
2020 1,015,702 0 Current

WEEK Actual Deaths
Week 01 59,546
Week 02 59,887
Week 03 58,373
Week 04 57,811
Week 05 57,439
Week 06 57,760
Week 07 57,065
Week 08 57,028
Week 09 57,236
Week 10 56,815
Week 11 54,851
Week 12 54,939
Week 13 58,290
Week 14 65,768
Week 15 70,035
Week 16 63,131
Week 17 47,684
Week 18 22,044
Totals 1,015,702

Mike Wick notes:

mycoplasma, anaplasma, piroplasm, spiroplasma, ureaplasma, toxoplasma

Judy Mikovits doesnt believe SARS-CoV-2 is the cause of COVID-19 but is a trigger to activate a dormant XMRV mycoplasma infection received from tainted blood supplies, vaccinations, or directly from contact from someone infected.

uncureable, terminal & chronic diseases, viruses, cancer, autoimmune & neurological disorders all have one thing in common, called mycoplasma.

mycoplasma, anaplasma, piroplasma, spiroplasma, ureaplasma, toxoplasma

all of these plasmas have been misidentified & recategorized multiple times, now labeled as bacteria with worm-like properties & not related to one another.

until this identification problem is cleared up, they are most likely some kind of nano or plasma worm.

this can be proven by testing the powerful dewormer Fenbendazole on all different plasma subtypes.

the word Pandemic comes from the god Pan, who was worshipped from within the Cave of Pan called Banias, located at tue base of Mount Herman.

this is where they are instructed blended the blood of children with snakes & bats in order to be joined or possessed with Pan via mycoplasma diseases.

all of these bizarre diseases may have originated in this way, from an ancestral line of royalty & hidden hands.

they may be infected with a form of cannibalism & animal diseases that makes them emotionless & susceptible to demonic possession.

John Dee wrote books about his conversations with (angels) he called them macrobes, identical to Lovecraft creatures, i believe they physically manifest as microbes.

they ultimately told him of the new world America, and after him Francis Bacon wrote of a series of things that must be done to create animated beings, or robots.

i suspect this a weapon of the fallen angels manifest threw cannibalism & unclean animals.

i also suspect the cure are dewormers.

Job 25:6
How much less is man, who is only a maggot, or a man's children, who are only worms.

Neural Larva Migrans-like Parasitosis

Mycoplasma Fermentans Incognitus may come from the nucleus of Brucella bacterium. This disease agent is not a bacterium and not a virus;
it may be a mutated form of bacterium, combined with a visna virus, from which the mycoplasma is extracted.

nano-bacteria (Borrelia) live inside microscopic worms (Nematodes) that create (Biofilm) communities coated with antibacterial amyloid neurotoxin causing
inflammation & infection, by prozone antigens storm from liposomes proteins & parasitosis cascade.

Jesuits & Rothschilds used the research of Robert Koch & Friedrich Loeffler during the Franco-Prussian War to develop, manufacture & distribute H1N1/TB via East India Company?

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