temple of the cat : debunking Cat Corona ...

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[Can Cats Really Get or Pass on COVID-19?](Can Cats Really Get or Pass on COVID-19?)

not a picture of mine this time

one of my new stops , Snopes did a small piece on it (probably before breakfast) by popular demand

from TFA :

Whereas the two canine SARS-CoV-2 cases had no obvious clinical signs relating to COVID-9, the cat at the centre of the latest media attention did have respiratory symptoms. But as every vet knows, cats can have breathing difficulties for many reasons, from feline asthma to heart disease. Similarly, there is a long list of causes of diarrhoea in cats. Without knowing any clinical details of this case, we can’t tell whether COVID-19 was responsible for disease, or this was just an upsetting coincidence.
Thankfully, there is still zero evidence of pets transmitting the virus to humans. It is also reassuring that a large veterinary diagnostic lab recently stated they have now tested thousands of cat and dog samples for SARS-CoV-2 with no positive cases. Also, given that as of March 30 there are over 720,000 human cases worldwide, it is safe to assume that if this virus readily caused disease in pets, we should know by now.

species-jumping virii ... from bat to human to cat and back would probably already be a reach ...

the cat recovered btw ... picture of health again