GOFUNDME any little amount to help my friend's situation

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Apreciate anyone who can contribute 1€ or whatever to help my friend, Gonçalo Silva

"This help that I ask for, I do not ask for it because I am hungry, I simply ask it because at the moment I cannot resist this monster of the Portuguese State that once again raises its head and demands me €232 of IRS and another €600 of IMI(Property Tax) referring to a small apartment of my chronically ill mother pensioner who has a retirement below the minimum wage.
I do not ask for this help for luxury, but because I cannot fight against the State. The same state that rejected my unemployed notification help. The same state that forced us to sign a declaration of honor that we would return to work 8 days after raising the state of emergency, knowing full well that this whole sector continues and will remain stopped. The same state that tells us to go out, but not all at the same time. The same state that tells us that everything will be fine while venues fight for survival, companies that close doors, artists that resort to begging.
Thank you and believe me that it pains me as much to write this text as it pains me to know that any eventual help will end up in the pockets of a state that does not want to know about us but runs to save corrupt banks and airline companies..."

you can help through his GOFUNDME page:

IBAN: PT50 0023 0000 4553 2781 3509 4

LTC - LZwiPo6Z9anvVhWeYADktMwF9mw6ncZP1k
ETH (or any erc-20 token) - 0xc619c2727500f19b0443449c028b14C691b2E7a5

Gonçalo Silva - Sound Technician and Musician, stopped since March 8th, without support from the SocialServices and linked to the monster of the Tax and Financial Authority.

"Once again I will remain in your eternal spiritual and eventually financial debt."

PS: he is a great friend, a fun guy and with great talent, still ignorant on crypto so those addresses i created for him, i will be teaching him crypto stuff soon so hopefully he will open his own crypto-social networking accounts

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