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What have the Coronavirus, Global Warming, Migration, and the Race War in common? Most see these events as individual topics, but the truth is, they are inevitably linked to one another! What we will reveal to you now, you won't read anywhere else!

In 1980, Samuel Hofman wrote a scientific paper that showed how the sun in our Solar-System could not possibly support 9 planets, with gas giants. He showed through this paper that we had to have a binary twin Solar-System to balance the chemical electromagnetic equation. Well, the Government promptly seized said paper and made Sam sign a 30 year non-disclosure agreement, which expired in 2010. Sam then started "Montana Sky Watchers", and started telling what he knew…and it cost him dearly. Just like all Nibiru(one planet of the System) researchers Sam has been targeted for constant harassment and false accusations.

This binary twin Solar-System is the reason why all the high cultures of the past ended suddenly. The historians are till today not sure what has caused those civilizations to crumble and only a few people of this world are aware, that the Nemesis-Solar-System is HERE again.

In case of that, we have 2 suns now and by that it is getting warmer. To explain this to the people, the Elite put out the "Global Warming made by humanity" cover-up. To counter the increasing solar radiation and to cover the sight of the planets and moons they spray Chemtrails or SRM(Solar Radiation Management).

In between the suns, you can also notice "ELYSIUM" which was the Throne of GOD, given to the Son! We already reported about it 4 years ago in great detail here: " Elysium - The Truth About Ezekiel's Wheel"

Scriptures tells us, that 2/3 of the earth will be affected but Jerusalem, the Middle East will be save. From this part of the world, we see the artificially created migration. That is why so many countries fight for the survivable areas as they are aware of what is coming. Criminals are released from prisons of these "survivable areas" and send to Europe as it will perish anyway. It is because you would need to feed the criminals or even to integrate them into the surviving society. So they are solving the problem by sending them away to Europe and give them what they want... money, houses, etc. They create chaos to establish order and form the surviving society already, right now! That is why in China are so many Ghosttowns and many Tech giants move to those areas.

To prevent that the ppl will move (back) into the survivable areas they created the Corona measures, lockdowns, and travel warnings.

They create terror and a race war to put you in a mindset so that you won't able to see that, as you need to fight for your very life and think about more trivial things.

It will may be a surprise to you, but Christ has already returned on January 28th, 2011.

Exactly as prophecy said HE would, Christ returned and later on March 21st 2011, addressed the World. HE explained that the USA is the Seat of Satan and that HE is about to destroy it and therefore called for EXODUS out of the US. The Tribulation and the Harvest of the worthy souls started.

Five years after HIS return, HE addressed the world rabbis, nullifying the Jewish birthright to be saved and explaining to them their hypocrisy and betrayal towards HIM and HIS FATHER OUR ALMIGHTY GOD, reaching out an olive branch to restore the COVENANT, one last time:

Satan on the other hand, uses all of these events to probe and reveal every single one´s heart to show why we are unworthy to be saved. That we are still violent beasts. He does that in so many ways... would you accept to wear a useless mask that makes you sick? Will you fight others that are not wearing a useless mask that makes you sick? Are you following the truth or the simple lie that you are told? Will you get into the race war? As said Satan probes you in so many ways... because Christ gave us one commandment:


The Nemesis-Solar-System draggs many asteroids and debris with it. Christ explained, that HE will "rain fire from the sky" if the people and leaders of this world will not bend their knee to their KING OF KINGS. There are too many articles to mentione here about "near earth objects" passing earth in close distance, fireball sightings, and that we are going throught a debris field. These are soft disclosures, not telling you the real truth but sending out messages to those in the knowing, the so called Illuminati.

Hollywood was often used to prepare the people for what is coming. This is called predictive programming and it will be no surprise for you, that they just release the movie "Greenland" showing what will happen when Christ let it rain fire from the sky.

Now you are maybe able to see, how everything fits into one another. If you want to learn more, please watch this:

Written by: Jean Viete, Archbishop of the Ecumencial Order of Christ



Addendum: "New Pact on Migration and Asylum

"The New Pact on Migration and Asylum aims to create a comprehensive, sustainable and crisis-proof framework for managing asylum and migration in the EU. It will cover the whole migration route – from origin and transit countries to the receiving countries in the EU.

While the Pact will build on the Commission proposals made in 2015 and 2018, it will fill loopholes to modernise the Common European Asylum System so that EU countries can implement and deliver effective asylum and migration policies.""

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