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stratagemical debunkificalication :

( pics from olivepress )

't is to say ... i had to go doc-side this morning (apparently the constant interruptions i get when i try to work a little brainrot prevention clearly helped with the process of melting my brain as somewhere on the inside of my head something was bleeding and... yellow stuff and ... well, smelled a bit like something died behind my eyes really since a few days ... suddenly but with that came a bit of pain-relief somehow)

Turns out its simple sinus-itis (simple?) so YAY , not corona or gangrene , about €40 of meds should get me fixed (and one or two more visits ... stuff to literally flush my ducts lol (hmmm tasty) .... antibiotics (i think i havent had those in 10 or 15 years so they will be probably be quite effective)

So since i was there anyway i asked el dottore (its a woman actually) to gimme the lowdown and the goodies on the biggest thing since
now sports
and ...

In fact : as the meme says uphere :

  • it only gets passed on by contact with saliva (or blood i suppose if someone infected starts bleeding all over you you better get a checkup too) SO
  • to get even a chance of being infected without someone outright sneezing or coughing in your face you would need : to sit within about 20-30 cm of someone infected for at least four hours hence : airplanes are right now literal and figurative carriers, its kinda hard not to sit within 30 cm of anyone (unless you fly Buffett-class i suppose) , otherwise it really needs transmitters by physical contact
  • long busrides / public transport... (im not sure if you can actually drive from one side to belgium to the other at any point to any point and take four hours ??)
  • but mostly : hygiene : people who cough and as a reflex put their hand in front (the polite thing) actually get the stuff on their hands while coughing (IF INFECTED ofcourse ...) so if you shake that thang you can gid that thang. Doorhandles and the likes, public lavatory ... the message would be wash good and frequently and maybe keep some of that hand sanitizer close the nurses use in hospitals between rooms (at least here they do)
  • but that's basically it , i suppose your biblical sodomy could possibly infect but i suppose your not so biblical standard sex could just as well ...


And, as the apothecary said when i was getting the meds to fix my head (physical, the rest is clearly beyond repair and would take about 10 years to heal AFTER i get to a place in life where i could (heal) .. and that's not gonna happen anymore is it)
As the guy said : every year half a million people die of flu and now this thing has some thousands and its ragnarok, right ?

Well, healthy (define that for yoursel) people shouldn't really worry, they'll get sick but basically as much chance of dying as it is from flu and the risk-pop is actually the same you would have for flu : weakened and people over 70/80

well ... (euh YES THATS A MEME !!!!!!!!!!! caveat lector ...)
and also : when things get taken too far :

o yea, i know about the gender-struggle and the right to be something other than male/female but the

"are you latino" - bit is kinda new to me ... im sure it wont be meant to offend its just

it struck me as weird (its registration for Nvidias Con , which they will keep online (due to our favourite brand of beer) which is GREAT, i couldnt afford it otherwise lol and now its FREE ! thank you covid-19 !!)
(well lots of cutting edge tek and seminars on VR / A.I. and ofcourse : gfx and raytracing, goodie goodie !!!)