Get active in corona research! Folding@home together against Corona #243605

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Hi Steemians.

There is an open research project in which every person can participate with a PC. The project's developers are trying to gain a better understanding of how the coronavirus interacts with the human ACE2 receptor. This receptor enables the virus to enter a human host cell.

The project is open source and is supported by donations. Well-known companies such as Intel, NVIDIA, Google, etc. support the project. The results are made public and shared with researchers around the world. The simulations are necessary because the structures of the virus cannot be made visible using conventional means. The results will be posted on Github - Folding @ home COVID-19 efforts.

The aim of the project is to develop an effective drug (therapeutic antibodies / molecules) that render the coronavirus harmless to humans or neutralize it.

You can support the project by running the Folding @ Home software. How to set up the program in order to become active in corona research is explained by @mrdalle in his article "[ENG] Folding@home together against Corona!".

Source: Mr.Dalle

Installation and setup:

You can download the program here and then install it:

During installation, you have the option of specifying how the program starts with Windows and whether it starts automatically. I recommend the standard settings if you are not sure what they do.

When you have installed it, a browser window opens. There you will find the simplified settings. If it does not want to start via the browser, you can open the program in the task bar at the bottom right and try to start it from there. Just click on the button. There you can either start the browser view "Web Control" or the advanced view "Advanced Control".

Web control:

Advanced control:


Select "Any Desease" when selecting the project. Corona is currently being calculated there. The program was only developed for a certain number of projects and the "Any Desease" function has now been reserved for the Corona calculations. If you have set that and press the fold or "Start Folding" button, it will take a while. First the necessary data is downloaded and then it should start!


Congratulations! You are now an active supporter of open corona research! The more often and longer you run this program, the greater your contribution. This is shown in points (if you have created an ID).

If your PC is too busy (or too loud, too hot), you can adjust the performance with the Power slider. With reasonably good hardware, this shouldn't be a problem. Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

We calculate in Team Hive (Team 243605) and you are welcome to participate. I would be happy because I can then see how many people I have reached with this contribution who are really involved.

Of course you can also calculate without a team or create your own team. That shouldn't make a difference in terms of calculations.

If someone has problems setting up, they are welcome to contact me and I will try to help.

The german federal government has launched a hackathon on the subject of corona:

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