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By now You cannot but have noticed that humanity experiences some sort of a 'do-over'. Who actually initiated this do-ever specifically remains in the darkness for now. Without giving it too much weight, after the GDR regime faltered, people were able to see what the Stasi had on them. Down to smelling probes. How romantic, in a way. The NSA has access - and shares with other agencies that might require that - Your biometric data. Not only does the owner class have access to Your actual identity - as printed out in whatever form, like driver's license, passport, and/or 'ID' - they also store samples of Your DNA, taken at any opportunity the system creates.

As the system, the owner class has created for the exploitation of human capacity and potential, is now operating without further requiring significant enough man power to enable the masses to earn their own keep. For the first time for many, they have to earn their keep. When I heard this expression for the first time, it was in regards to a triplet of dogs with varying provenance. While I was listening and pondering about this expression, I looked at the three doggies. You sure expect it to be obvious, that I was able to read their facial expressions in response to this rather fascistic version of a 'relationship'. You see, I couldn't even imagine to imagine a situation in which my Felines would have to face such a vibrational frequency.

There is a lot more to earning Your keep. Presently, that part of society, that has to work to keep itself existing, is confronted with an empty table. Empty of all reasons for the one and only, that the collective species could not be bothered over the last decades to grab the initiative and bring about justice and a profoundly organic society. Clinging on at this moment in time, to a mind set/program/doctrine of the Universe having been made versus having grown out into its present state.

And now we are getting really warmer. In the Cosmic Game of Hide and Seek. Would people easily chose to switch to a new world view, that does not only liberate them from all human shortcomings and defects, take their fear of non-existence, if that switch would be quite simple? While confronted by a massive revolution from the top. By now, people better imagine how the version of revolution with pitchforks and torches relates to the revolution by the opposing class.

You could say that the American civil war was actually a many wars. It was also a class war. At a time, when race was a class in America. Oh, wait, we haven't left that station, yet. Race is of course a class and one of the lowest at that. For that reason, the owner class does not really relate to the masses in more than the proverbial co-dependent way. Where manpower is needed, it demands it at the lowest possible cost. The elite might care about the appearance of their slaves/assistants/workers/guards/enforcers/mouth pieces, it does however not waste a nano second over the question of whether You are dead or alive. At this point it may well boil down to the question as to what is more profitable - that You are dead, or to keep You alive.

And in order to keep You alive, You need to earn Your keep now. But since that is nothing new - to the contrary - the sucker class knows where it belongs and therefore accepts that deranged policies of a gone unhinged rich upper class. actually it's the 'uppest class', as there is nothing above, only below. Everything and everybody is below the threshold of whom the owner class deems essential. The "You're fired!" crowd takes ultimate control of Your fate and personal lives now. Your enemy - You regime - is taking up positions. You are likely also under house arrest with convenience breaks as to not to starve to death right away.

But by being confronted with the inevitable, the evitable will have to go. It is now imperative that You give all You got. Imagine people not being able to work - without compensation for downtime the class of their owners has intentionally created. Here lies the only comfort in the dealing with this madness. When one is to accept that the present state of the world is not how the world would be without homo sapiens. But to also accept, that the existence of homo sapiens proves that things simply grow. Wo/mankind had to be opportunistic to get where it is now. Always looking for a better deal, a higher place, a bigger house, a bigger car and more of everything. The fact that things are the way they are right now, gives away that they can be this way. It gives however also away that they don't have to be this way.

Again and again I will point to the fact that everything has its own 'time', its own 'window of opportunity' in continuously existing and expanding Universe. Isn't it a good time now to reminisce about whether You are born into this world, or out of this world, or if the two are just the two sides of existence. A good way to express it would be "Out of the Universe - into the human view of e world". Because everything boils down to that. We see everything as if that would be the measure of all things. But it all remains the opinions, imaginations and interpretations of a species that talks to itself. Of course nothing can happen without it happening in the Universe. But there lies the opportunity to research what exactly it took to arrive at the present situation.

Knowing that and combining it with the knowledge that nobody knows when the bells toll for each and every one of us, it remains that the best that can be done with the time at hand is to use it against the pressure from above. To remove oneself other for essential communication from all online activities. To do whatever with whatever is handy to address an issue ahead. Wu Wei invites the mind to solely focus on the vibrational state of what it is what one believes to be of improving character/effect. The Universe will then guide the non-prejudiced mind in a path to playfully at best and surely at least arrive where one wanted to end up at.

No virus can do squat to anybody. Anybody that is aware of them being the Universe. For if that happens, one is also whatever variation of virus, poison, or disease of the day. In this point of view is also hidden the understanding that everything is the way it is for a reason, or two. Or much more.

Until then.

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