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So, I have been following the unfolding of present events with equally great scrutiny and incredulity. When I get the 'news' - as i would call it now - (and forgive me not writing with caps but while my iMac has beautifully recovered after the spa and tlc session, it will still no longer allow me to log in due to an old firefox version) mostly from foreign sources. What I can read wherever I go is the gloom and doom show presently offered. And in all this hype, when i went to the store yesterday to get the weekly groceries bought (no shortage of any obvious kind) I was told that there are no more masks. And the question arose that, if the thing is so bad, that folks - like Putin now - have to wear hazmat suits, does it then make sense to not have enough surgical masks to provide several to each citizen in case of an emergency? Like everything involved in this tragedrama that reaches the minds of those affected, it is surreal that the increase in coronamongering is not met with greater skepticism. As I have stated before, there are a many dynamics involved in the do-over of humanity. It should also be seen in a similar fashion like the one of 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' - with 'The Sorcerer' being the Universe and the apprentice, well.

Does it not strike You as kind of touchy, when a species has attained the knowledge of changing the genetic code of whatever, that it would ultimately end up manipulating its own genetic make-up? As the most important aspect of that must be emphasized, that the Universe had - if any - specific intentions, or was actively involved in the rise of Homo Sapiens. Now it becomes challenging to differentiate between the two 'reasonings' of whether homo sapiens is still subject to a larger process called evolution, or does homo sapiens now act as sort of a 'fulfillment agent' for the larger evolutionary picture of the Universe? Is there any other way?

"Yes, there is!" You might respond and I have to agree to that. More so, because the opportunities of the moment outperform anything that was previously concocted a scheme to get to the dough. For some - no matter by what means. This is no longer working now and it will become very obvious very soon. You see, nothing essential has really changed.
As one of my favorite artists sings in a dub version: "Everybody needs food, clothes and shelter, proper health care and clean running water".

What is obviously missing is the need to be able to pay up an ever increasing price tab for the most essential things in life. Now even with the value added Corona tax/penalty/robbery fee/solidarity fund/patriot support program. Something to this end. But the most willingly forgiving person must at on point decide whether it is okay to be exterminated for profits, or not. Not that it matters too much, but I, for being the one that is aware of being the Universe would say that this is our moment. This is the Universe asking us to do what we love to do most - since nothing else will ever sustain You, if not in a gradually decreasingly entertaining fashion. The more one becomes aware of the fact of the obvious abuse by the owner class, the more one might feel compelled to come up with one's own solution. The 'solutions' of those who were put in charge to organize by the citizenry (allegedly) turn out to be on the other side. They're with the owners. Because that's where all th money, power and fame can be found.

In an Epsteinian way it also appears that several topics of interest have been eagerly dropped by the main stream propaganda outlets. Everything is corona now, but folks will soon enough wake up and ask the simple question:
If no-one can set the time of and detailed transition from the living to the non-physical crowd, then why would I need to panic about anything? "No, no, no!" You say, "It's not about the panic so much as it is about dying". But if it is about dying, then why discomforting one's existence with visions of what will not be part of Your overall experience/life. It is very much like observing someone else succumbing to whatever and at the same time feel the discomfort of a hypochondriac. Which suggests that You either take a sugar pill against all this nonsense, or accept it as Your personal life story to take whatever turn it will take. There are no guarantees. Never have been and we were okay with that. Why wouldn't we be okay with it now?

If anything on a more serious and somber tone - it is the people that were tasked by the citizenry to organize and maintain societies as they are supposed to be. These people failed the citizenry miserably - and very unfortunately intentionally so. Utterly corrupt minds, void of any empathy for those who suffer the most under their biased wealth distribution system. It will not suffice to replace the 'team'. An entire new way must be devised to distribute power equally - and not based on physical wealth.

First we have to do everything in our hands and might to ensure healthy, organic produce for everybody. Nothing else really matters, as it is healthy, organic food that provides the energy required for this ride. And specifically for this drop off called corona/virus. Now it will also become apparent if we have lost our ability to go with the flow due to the constant occupation of our minds by the virtual world. In that, too lies a great opportunity to re-introduce the younger generations into more natural settings. Teach them how to grow their own food. Ans speaking about food, has it not also become obvious that the city is not a place You want to be in from now on. You want to be able to grow food. If You can do that in the city in a community set up - perfect. Those who can't should move away from the metropoles. There will be lots of metroproles, soon. Shortage has only in romantic visions a positive effect on well being. Especially when it come to food, shortages and lack are more prone for violent and aggressive behavior. Better to walk away from it now. The UBI - so it comes in a highly limited and restricted version - is under no circumstances 'unconditional'. Let whatever you get help You to relocate to a more affordable area. Cultivation in greenhouses will make people less depending on outside interference.



... it is surreal that the increase in coronamongering is not met with greater skepticism.

This is better than The War On Terrorism. The Narrative Salespersons are getting better at their jobs. At least we have had a trial run for when The War On Terrorism meets a home grown CRISPR created virus.

How soothing to see You! Please allow for some more time on the conventional way.
What is entirely brushed away is the fact that humans are social animals and at that will suffer greatly from restrictions in movement, speech and health. A healthy mind requires a healthy body, requires a smoothed spirit. It is a magic triangle equation. One of the three essentials missing, or not being present and the unity, balance of the being is disturbed. Which will lead in turn to the compromising of the immune system.

On a side note and in the light of the present situation, I have decided to compose/write on the imac and then transfer the file to the ipad to publish it. But neither do we have the funds now, nor would it seem to be a priority under the present circumstances.

For the satirical approach of what's happening I recommend to listen to the lovely song

"We are Family"

and change the lyrics into:

"We are History..."

From the edge of the redline with gratitude and a few really good magic spells, HSE and her Feline Behavioral Specialists.

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