One of the Real Reasons Why the Pandemic is Extra Bad in the U.S.

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Too bad I can't use the iMac any longer. With the iMac, a sign would be here.



That's what is making this U.S. pandemic so devastating - "No Public Rest Rooms" is an essential contributor to the spread of any virus. One could say that Nazi Amerika took the public rest rooms away to worsen the situation for the working class/the poor. Now it's pay back time. Pay back time for the population who has been for way too long given away the house keys to criminally insane psychopaths. The least we need now is a law that forces every business to allow the public to wash their hands. Which is of course nonsense, since the stores are all closed. Of course, You are supposed to stay at home. But when things will be better again (right), then we will demand public rest/bath/wash rooms.

Economic fascism has created the present global emergency. And it is fueling the fires everywhere. Bringing death and destruction for profit everywhere. The only antidote to this mental illness is to stand up to it. Running away from a big dog/animal seldom succeeds. Not enough jobs? Start building public rest rooms and send the ticket to the economic fascists.


There is a pre-school childhood memory of mine from the period when writting and signs were of great interest to me.

It was a little affter sitting in a car with my uncle waiting for someone to come out of a store that had a sign advertising 7UP pop/soda. After being told the sign said 7UP it puzzled me how a large sounding word like seven up could fit in such a small looking word like 7UP. Once numbers were understood it all made sense.

Some time later the sign Rest Room was readable by me at a gas station and my thought was it must be a special room where those on long drives could rest. 😎

There is so much to it! In Germany, where 'c' was replaced by 'k' only later, it started as 'Wasser Closet' , from 'water closet' - WC. For a German child, 'WC' had something mysterious to it. It wasn't just a 'toilet' - it was a WC! First time in Hawai'i, I was asking people for the WC - as it would work in Europe. Nobody knew what I was talking about. Until somebody told me "It's 'rest room'".
But I never met anybody in there that was resting.

I also found it always strange to call it a 'toilet bowl', where I use a bowl for different purposes...

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