Mass Schizophrenia by Design

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Some time ago - before we ever reached the present game changing moment - a wise Person said: 'What we call schizophrenia now, will be a required mental prerequisite to survive the future. It will help to be schizophrenic in the future, because the future will be schizophrenic.' The word itself had to be invented. 'Schizo' was what kids would call other kids when they arrived at that stage of mental 'development'. Since a phrenologist dedicates his/her life to the skull, 'schizophrenia' seems to have its roots in the pertaining to the skull versus the cerebrum. With 'schizo' being something like cleavage, or cleft, the split affects the mind. I'd call it schizo-mental. However, early own in psychiatry the term 'schizoaffective disorder' was created and one is ought to look it up.

Just like person said, we have now reached the moment in human evolution in which our continuation as self-described 'Homo Sapiens' is no longer 'natural'. There are volumes of work about the question whether there can be something like 'anthropogenic', or is whatever man makes a making of the Universe. When man destroys nature, is that 'natural'? Or is it in man's nature to have created the present game changing moment?

For ease of style, I will use the term 'virus', but will talk about a micro-organism instead. And I urge You to re-introduce some knowledge about their nature into Your thinking. To shorten it up dramatically: once, there were viruses that obviously exist in the Universe and are not limited to Earth. They even come from what people call 'outer space', whereas it is neither outer, nor space. They are everywhere, where Life is. Where there is Life - there are viruses. Viruses did not come about after HS. HS is as depending on the Universe, as the virus is to its host. The Universe is the host of the naturally occurring kind. The truth is of course, that there can no distinction being made between what the present game changing moment required to be happening antes, as the result of a naturally unfolding world, or as a manipulated, cloned version by homo sapiens. This is also, why it is so important to understand the difference between being something located somewhere and being that what what is required to be You, or me, or anybody. The present moment evolved like lingerie - with an ever increasing content of 'man made' materials like polyester.

It will be utterly important to understand and memorize the fact, that the micro-organism that has caused the present game changing moment, underwent a process called 'adding functionality'. A runny nose, coughing, and aching body are functions of a micro-organsim. And I like to emphasize, that before this monster was created by the owner class' Frankensteins, even the most deadly virus did not come with a 'full set' of 'added functionality'. You could say, if they spread easily, their impact is generally of lesser severity. If they have a greater impact on their host, they spread only via intimate, or very close contact. Biological weapons laboratories and the genetically manipulating complex are creating and releasing new versions of viruses and they all come with 'added functionalities'.


Oscar and a Beetle with endless feelers

Why? What could the possible reasons be for crashing humanity in a way that will affect billions of people whose greatest mistake was to go along with their main steam lives. You know that the correct questions are never asked. Why are we doing all this destruction of life and culture? Who is telling the billions how to act? There is however one aspect that is severely underrepresented among the reasons of why the situation is as it is. The ego will only act if there is something to be made, or had, or even better: something to make the ego shine. But it is this opportunistic world view, that has enabled a group of empathy-free people to take control of the entirety of the bureaucracy globally. You could say that only the future - if there is any- will tell what these people are really doing to the masses. To the herd. To the collective.

Now back to 'reality'.

Stay safe and keep in mind that - no matter what - You have Your own date with death that no-one has control over. It takes Your life to get Your date. Nobody else is living Your life, but You do. Do it without fear.

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