It's Just Karma!

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It's Just Karma! Finally transferred onto the iPad. Copyright 2006 - 14 years of Karma and counting...

I made this bumper sticker fourteen years ago. Out of a comical situation, the expression arose - to not take things personal, that just bumped into Your life - the reasons for the bump may well be related to previously dished out suffering and pain onto others. So, when stuff happens one could care least about, that's when it's "It's Just Karma" time. One could not possibly know if there wasn't an act of any unkindness in any previous lives. Which of course requires to believe in re-incarnation and such. Interestingly though, there is much more to this as well.

Today in San Carlos, stores had decided to either be closed, or to admit one customer at a time only. All others were to wait outside in line. Which did not appear to be the brightest solution - considering it was relatively breezy and none of the guys in line was wearing a mask. I waited there for half an hour only to be told that it was in vain. Although I have become used to having the greatest difficulties to find the most modestly sustainable and environmentally friendly products - while what's worst for the planet, is widespread available.


Super Duper Mega Double Blue Moon - through what should simply be air.

So, the emotional distress from all this insanity is wreaking havoc on people's health, or immune system. The very last thing anybody wants to have happening: straining the body, or the mind in a situation of acute 'tsjhtf'. There are voices that are getting warmer in search for the truth about all of this. Like in a traditional 'hide & seek' situation, the seeker will require some sort of feed back or another. How would You know that You are getting closer to the truth? In the absence of someone else in the knowing telling You where You are on Your quest to achieve whatever it is. In this sense, "getting warmer" means to be more aligned, more authentic, more conscious - for everything we are striving for lies in that direction.

The whole whatever it is has now dislodged a large number of folks. And while I am in agreement that everyone has to go some time, I also believe that no-one's life should be subject to the misguided minds of a bureaucracy/machine that has long taken on a life of its own. Which is still Universe, of course. It is likewise interesting to observe that inspite of all being just one - old divisions are re-applied and new ones added. Leaving a society in which there is only one possible solution for all of the unsolved issues that pile up like water in a reservoir without flood gates: re-evaluating what is best for all parties involved, which would be our Mother Earth, all its Life and unconditionally every member of what calls itself 'Homo Sapiens'. This is the most challenging aspect of the present conundrum.

The mass has allowed a certain part of the population to organize, maintain and control it. It has however failed, to create meaningful and effective checks and balances and to ultimately turn off the keys to the machine in order to prevent even greater harm and hurt. How would a society look like, that provides its human members with everything needed, versus the present model, where everybody has to earn their keep - but those who don't have to. Why is that so? You see, the whole CO-whatever reveals the deep sitting contempt of the haves towards the havenothings.

Successfully - mostly with the help of the enter/infotainment industry - the havenothings suffer collectively from the Stockholm syndrome. They adore their oppressors. They call them "the rich and the famous", 'celebrities' and 'leaders', 'icons', 'idols', 'experts' and 'specialists' - ignoring the fact that these kind of human beings were no clothes at all. They are all naked and drove the cart into the ditch. The ditch that is actually a crack a short distance before the drop off of the cliff. They have lots of those on Hawai'i Island. (You may find some of them here - my notuptodate portfolio on '').

It is for this reason that a complete do-over of what we call 'society' is due. The whole pyramid scheme must be up for demolition. Without a maximum wage, a minimum wage is nothing but a tool to oppress the minimum wage earners. By creating a lid that is tied to the income of the median workers' wage in the company, it is in the interest of the management for the median workers' income to be as high as possible and not as right now, as low as possible. Furthermore, the whole leadership thing needs to be transcended. I know it is a difficult task for those demanding some sort of authority, a strong hand - like a good Führer. But it must be conveyed to every single human being that our solution and as well future are 'collective'.

The Collective is what got it into what it got into this time. And since you can't fix your 'problems' by using the same methods that created them, there has to be novelty in the way humanity organizes itself. This sado-maso self/exploitation scheme needs to be retired. If you do care to maintain the office of the president of the united states, you will have to split it into five responsible human beings. One President of State, one President for the Welfare of the citizenry, one President for Foreign Relations, one President of the GDP and one President for Peaceful Space Exploration.

The whole misinformation campaign in regards to the reasons as to why certain people died the way they died shall serve those at the receiving end of the increasingly rougher getting stick from where the wind blows. The real question will of course be how to swiftly switch from the old, despicable model of 'co'-existence without great mayhem. The internet is glowing of armies for both - You may call it 'obviously good' versus 'obviously bad'. Collectively, we will however not get around acknowledging that 'good' can not exist without 'bad' and vice versa and that the two are the two sides of the coin called 'action'. Or, as in the Upanishads 'Karma'.

When the sticker then says "It's Just Karma!" then it does also mean "It's Just Action!" - without the cannotation of 'good' and/or 'bad/evil'. Then it simply boils down to the fact that something just happened. There was some action. Or, in our present game changing conundrum - lots of action, lots of actions, a lot of activity. All of that carries already the unwanted side with it. The Sisyphos like task to get rid of bad is also what drove this 'Panication'. Panicdemic requires to lose sight of the real important things - like corporations taking over the world for their big club daddies.


Felix' Advice: Play at Night - Sleep at Day.

I shall create a t-shirt that reminds people to focus on the essentials. To boil it down to what it really is, what we - as in human beings - need to exist. That need must then be covered with utmost priority at diligence. There is much more at stake than the sooth/'news'sayers will allow to penetrate the Truman show-like bubble of the mass. This is where growth takes place. This is what we should focus on: does it grow? Let the Universe provide the answers to the question of what it means 'to grow'. And that the fantasy story about eternal growth is only valid with Organic, or Anorganic Matter that will grow forever - as long as what it takes to grow is available. But the fake growth is like a goiter in the first place. Worse, because there are those who cherish their goiter.

All others shall now explore that the most important subjects remain "Food, Clothes, Shelter, Healthcare and Clean Drinking Water". It will be quite simple based on these requirements to see who is denying them to the mass, or limit it to certain segments of the mass. As stated above, the time is now to leave the criminally corrupt capitalust chauvinism behind and give more room for the collective?

That's it for now. More stories from strange times coming soon in this theater.

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