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Evening Sky with Artefacts ((Although only appearing as an artefact, it turned out to be a bird flying through the hand held captured scene)

(recommended sound track: 'Fun Boy Three - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum'

Looking at several images and videos pertaining the present pandemic, I am once more convinced that a many people are wholly overwhelmed by the present conundrum. As a matter of fact, now that more contradicting to the 'official story lines' facts are discovered - and if only providing evidence for the willful ommittance of crucial information via the main stream media core distributors. That alone warrants massive citizen arrests of the responsible parties to this needless and devastating assault on human well being of all people that have to work to make a living. Work hard already to make a living.

'Working hard to make a living.' Where have I heard that before? So, as it stands right now, a revolution of sorts took place in which the few overthrew the many. You might well say that the masses - 'the silent majority' or whatever one likes to call it - have been effectively neutered over the last weeks. And while previous sequels to this insanity were definitely painful for the masses, they relate to the present situation like shaving to cutting. As of the time of typing, the cutting continues in ways only visionaries, or better 'doomsday prophets' could have seen coming. The thoroughness of the present AI supported/controlled operation to bring about the end of individual free will is so breath teaking that it cannot come as a surprise then, that even the 'stars' of the so called 'alternative' media world are unable to grasp the extend of the initiated changes to human 'society'.

Of society You should know by now what its name actually means. First, You will have to accept that it was not invented by the founding fathers. As a matter of fact, 'society' is older than any of the present nations on earth. For Your convenience, I would say that a 'society' is an association of associates. The 'organization'. The 'club of humans'. The unquestioning submission by birth to become part of the collective. 'Collective'. Maybe that's what it could be describes as best. Society is the collective of a nation. The masses of any nation are in the majority in all of those nations. It does however not matter that the majority might have a different idea about well being than the minority that rules it. Everywhere. This minority is galvanically separated from the suffering and pain of the masses. A multitude of revelations in regards to the perpetration of the mental neutering/spaying (pick) has so far not had the required self dynamic to blow up like a ballon at 1000psi.

The key word here is 'Self-Dynamic'. This implementation of the mental neutering/spaying follows the plan of 'the big club' - the owners of the world. They buy actions that trickle down to the individual member of human society as hardship, suffering and pain. 365 days a year - for the majority a life long. It can only be considered disturbing when celebrated individuals like those in 'alternative media' sites are either selling the people the wrong story, or are in such a state of attention deficit where it is pertaining the 'bigger picture' - of which few speak and even fewer can see, lest even understand.


Fall has arrived

While I could write about what will happen simply by the laws of Karma - requiring the acceptance of the albeit clearly observable principles of existence - and would have to paint a picture that is second to none in its disturbing the mellowest mind. Therefore I have decided to take a different route - for the time left. Beginning with the introduction of the 'Daily Special', I will pick something most insane, disect it and show how it could be done - knowing that there is no escape from Karma. Leaving aside as a remote possibility transcendence to bring to a halt the stream of Karmic responses.

Of course I am aware of the sobering fact that there are roughly two versions of 'society'. The one grows into shape and form like a tree. The other one is the D9 caterpillar dozing over the masses to keep them down. To keep them from revolting. My choice has always been the 'growing' model. Human memory is full of references to patience and perseverence. Specifically the perseverence to kickstart the required change of mind in regards to who should be allowed to control society. It is a gigantuan task and the masses are up against everything money can buy.

One thing money cannot buy though. Yes, and all its derivatives. Love. When the masses are finally waking up to smell the dung they took for roses, the money people better prepare for what is coming. Up to now, they were thriving by sucking the blood of the masses like a starved bat after sunset. Up to now, the masses could not see that the game was rigged. That the casino called 'society' truly only works for the bank. The bank always wins, correct? Anybody that ever played Roulette knows the last call. "Rien Ne Vas Plus". "Nothing goes any more" to translate that losely. The masses are at the table and were just told 'rien ne va plus'. 'Rien' should definitely be seen literally. It includes most that the masses were dragging along for. And are still scrambling to cope with this assault on the masses' integrity and sovereignty.

Therefore I will now begin to describe in a 'daily special' where the masses need to be vigilant and how the path out of fake independence/dependency looks like. And that it is a path that can no longer perceive one's individual existence as one separate not only from the growth of the Universe into the presence, but as the pure reflection of the Universe growing minds in each and every human being (and non-human thinkers) for reasons obvious, but unknown.

While my personal world is in such a disarray that I have decided to stop eating in order to get to the point of keeping going. For way too long the masses were sold the lie that they have to work hard to make aliving. But the truth has always been that the masses suffer because the owner class and its agents are making sure that this is so. At such, suffering and pain of the masses are not as the Buddha said 'inevitable' - as in 'occurring naturally', but artificially created by the owner class to extract public wealth. By all means that is as well.

So much for today's update on life in general. Stay safe and listen to soothing sounds.


At such, suffering and pain of the masses are not as the Buddha said 'inevitable' - as in 'occurring naturally', but artificially created by the owner class to extract public wealth.

The owner class definitely exerts suffering yet it is my feeling that the Buddha may have been referring to the inevitable human suffering. Some of that can be an illusions like how we can exaggerate the pain of a stubbed toe in our mind. To feel the itch before you scratch it kind of suffering.

Nice to see you in the blockchain!

In case you are unaware, you may want to check out the new sister chain, called HIVE, at


A song comes to mind. But I change the lyrics depending on the situation. The song is 'One Thing Leads To Another' - by 'The Fixx'. Bless them and their uplifting music! However, as I said, the lyrics are different in my song. It just goes "One way - Or Another!". So I get to thank You one way or another. Because the roller coaster is so hefty as of now - like for the masses - that I can't make it to write emails at the volume I should. Those I care for always appreciate when they receive a token of my friendship in form of a post card. Postcards are however increasingly 'Pastcards' as fewer people use snail mail. Which might lead to the further reduction of services pertaining the transportation of greetings of any kind in physical form. Which is a shame and all that 21st century abandoning of 'old' (remember "the old Europe"?), of tried, of tradition, of practiced ways to exist. Nothing can be small enough, or fast enough when it comes to electronics. Not big enough when it comes to cars and homes. The masses have eagerly follwed the bread crumbs trail the owner class had laid out for it. And they follow the crumbs every time - hook, line and sinker. Proudly. The 'system' is so thoroughly tilted against the masses that one could presume natural forces to be at work. What if homo sapiens can't but destroy everything it creates? Sort of as a toddler like reaction to when things go different then expected?
No matter what, I am glad to have You in my life. One way, or another. :-)))


Klüterei mit fortgeschrittenen Wesen - Kluetery with advanced Beings

...all that 21st century abandoning of 'old'...

Many old traditions were often introduced for reasons since forgotten. There was a recent post talking about someone being refused service in a restaurant due to him wearing a MEGA hat. My comment was intended to reminded readers that the wearing of hats within interiors had been seen as being impolite in the not so distant past. At such a time the story would not be an issue as the gentleman (if he considered himself one) would have removed his hat at the door; leaving one noticible flag of class tucked discreetly under their arms. 🤠

Yes, exactly that. Sure, one could say that these 'old' habits or traditions are no longer appropriate, or necessary, but I believe as You said, those arose for various reasons. One of these reasons is 'respect'. Respect alone demands consideration as in taking off the hat or whatever it is. Taking the hat off versus leaving it on is therefore in its deduction a 'concession' to those who could be offended by leaving it on, versus no consideration when leaving it on equaling respectlessness.
In the specific case however, I really believe the problem not to be the hat per se - as that little antique has left the station with the invention of the 'baseball cap'. :-)
Hypocrisy comes in so many colors and shapes. Amidst the present background of desolation and despair, it seems to be so expensive and costly.

Let's just keep the tradition of taking the hat off indoors - and if only for the sake of displaying a certain mental ability to deduct that a ceiling over the hat makes its use unnecessary - unless it is the wardrobe part of a woman. Which is also very traditional and on the chopping block. The owner class - or its psychopathic wing - would like to have the masses all wear orange. No more wardrobe differences - only one gender, the slave-gender.

It more and more looks like a turned sour relationship. But this one is irredeemably lost, if it ever existed on any other than the co-dependence level. The ownerclass was depending on the masses for a long time, but no longer. Unemployment needs to be renamed into something else. Like being 'un-dispatched'. "Yes, I am un-dispatched at the moment, but we were told new dispatches might happen next year..."

It does seem coincidental, at the very least, that millions would be tossed from their employment and the economy intentionally crashed just as robotics is about to make many jobs redundant. Any conclusions could be deemed as conspiracy theories, so let's just chalk it down to a great coincidence. <wink wink>

You know the quite disturbing, albeit common experience of sensing vindication. I have been floating in vindication for a long time now. Maybe it's because of this Groundhog Day like deja vu trip? When, what You figured out would happen, happened - over and over again - enought tines to get the general idea how things turn out to be the way they turn out to be. Once I commented on WSW about an article that lamented over the needs of the workers - completely ignoring the fact that 'jobs' will only decrease as the forth industrialization picks up steam like a 2-10-2 with the boiler glowing.

From very early on, I had strong doubts that hard work and misery would bring the desired results towards the end of one's life. My Mom would get quite upset when I bemoaned the fact that a human being cannot just being left to develop on its own terms. It needs to comply with the basic tenets of society. Hard working people never live close to non-working people.
It gets more complicated. When in the Christian doctrine hard work and trials are a sign of the creator's love for that particular being, it will be a challenging task to re-write that whole doctrine to reflect the fact that manpower is no longer needed - unless the robots can't do the job. Like in Chernobyl, or Fukushima. Then, human folk will step in. Fire fighting is another excellent field of human work that makes sense. But the caveat is definitely that work is seen as something to be done to survive. And the less skilled a person is, the less money it will receive, and the less money it receives, the less time it has to live. It should be the other way around. The least skilled person should get the highest pay. The most skilled worker on the other hand does not work at all. Because when somebody is virtuous at doing something, that person is creating beyond, or above any monetary consideration. One is then 'working' as a cover for the need to create. The need to do something. Work fits that need like a fist into an eye socket. It is justification to waste one's life time with truly deeper-meaning-less activities utilizing/exploiting various aspects of a human being.

Taking away the possibility to 'work hard to make a living' will ultimately not only threaten the physical existence. It will destroy the self-image of the Christian that must work hard to earn its keep. Of course this is not limited to Christianity, but most prominent therein.
Twenty years ago I wrote about the possibilities of 3D printing. Ten years I started writing about the consequences and now it's about its effects.

It should be acceptable to proclaim that all the advances in technology ultimately were the commissions of the owner class among science and technology. What we are experiencing is what the owner class envisions. That it will all work much better with 90% of the population going extinct. Self driving cars, auto piloted air craft and yachts - all modes of transportation can now be automated. Agriculture has been steadily employing less workers. - because of robotics/automatization. If I can build a 3D printer, I can also build a produce-printer. Whereas 'printing' is replaced with 'care taking'. That's what I love to spend all my time on. And good, healthy food is always needed. My revolution is the introduction of '3D-caretakeR-produceR' - a produce producer for all sizes.

Luckily, I never felt bored in my life and always found something to do, to watch, or to listen to. That's why punishing me by sending me to my room never worked. I would run up the stairs...

Ironically, a new episode of my Time Well Wasted series was posted just last week on HIVE. In it, the concept of the average Joe not knowing what to do with their time was explored.

Luckily, I never felt bored in my life and always found something to do, to watch, or to listen to.

Self entertaining has never been a problem for me either.

You do have a series on Hive? I am very excited and curious about that for sure. It will take some time to get acquainted to the differing platform, or is it just the same? Some of the Steemit posts did not automatically appear on the Hive? Thank You again for showing the direction to flow to. :-)

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