How to enjoy the artificially created melt-down...

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...of traditional society and stay alive.

Yes, how? Obviously, no more guarantees can be given for anything. It almost looks like - just almost - that all options have actually left the table. And while it may certainly be helpful to stay calm and "Don't Panic!", it will aid in the process ahead. Changes nobody thought could happen. Well, not really 'nobody'. Some, most certainly have attained a state of consciousness that files "corona light and all other deadly viruses" under the category "Maya".

This is what this blog is about and what the author has written persistently over the years. On a side note, that would be.
No, seriously, this is the event. And by the event, I am talking about the present situation on Earth, the present situation of wo/mankind, and the present situation of You and I.

Sadly though, at this important juncture, my iMac has gone in shut off mode. While opening the memory door, I noticed the most un-acceptable gunk of sooty dust coming out of the interior of my working computer. I will have to open it up for the umptieth time and thoroughly clean it up. It is insanely dusty here.

Looking at the headlines alone, a picture arises that has the potential to irate the most tranquil mind. South America is battling the worst Dengue Fever outbreak in known history. Try to find information about it. The Dengue virus has also received a make-over by the people who are addicted to kill others, to spread suffering and pain. It took me a while to figure that out - that there are people who have dedicated their existence to create misery, suffering, pain, despair, destruction and death for fake security, delusions of righteousness and exceptionalism to protect and support the nastiest wanna-be empire that ever existed.

The people that 'rule' 'the people' are resisting to grow up spiritually. Their willful stooges enjoy not only messing with dissenters' keyboards, but their entire lives.

May the Universe interfere and grow a mushroom out of the heads of the unintelligence agencies stooges, the corrupt politicians, greedy lobbyists, militarists and anybody else who intentionally creates suffering and pain were there was none.

Pathetic people.

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