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Hi, my name is Nathan Isaac and I have put together a free In-depth review of the copywriting software Funnel Scripts for you called "The Ultimate Guide To Everything You Wanted To Know About Funnelscripts by Clickfunnels" that’s going to help you find out if this copywriting software is right for you.

If you want to find out if Funnel Scripts is right for you, then you need this In-depth review of the copywriting software because, among other things, it reveals how to see if Funnel Scripts is worth the hefty price tag, so you don't have to deal with reading another overhyped affiliate review.

Below you will find the entire in-depth review, "The ultimate guide to everything you wanted to know about Funnel Scripts by Clickfunnels".

What's the Catch?

There is no catch.

I’m doing this because I wish there was something like this when I was deciding whether or not Funnelscripts was a good investment or not.

I’ll also be using the software to do some of the copy you are currently reading, so you can be the judge first hand whether or not you like it.

All I need for you to do is read this free in-depth review, and let me know if I’ve covered everything you’d want to have known about Funnel Scripts and from what you see, do you think it would be worth the hefty price tag.

Plus there are no affiliate links whatsoever, this is a real review with real examples and opinions.

I will be sharing info about my Fiverr gig if you wanted to get your copy written by Funnel Scripts, but more on that later….

Also, this in-depth review is part of a marketing test, so when it's over, this In-depth review of the copywriting software Funnel Scripts will no longer be available.

So just to recap....

You’re getting instant access to this free In-depth review of the copywriting software Funnel Scripts,

"The Ultimate Guide To Everything You Wanted To Know About Funnelscripts by Clickfunnels"

That will help you find out if this copywriting software is right for you (including how to see if Funnel Scripts is worth the hefty price tag)... which means you can finally stop struggling with reading another overhyped affiliate review.

So without further ado, I bring you….

The Ultimate Guide To Everything You Wanted To Know About Funnel Scripts by ClickFunnels


So I have been using Funnel Scripts for close to a year now and honestly I can personally say that it’s been worth the hefty price tag.

So for those of you who are wondering “Is funnel scripts worth it?”, for me and what I use it for, YES!

In my research I have found many questions regarding Funnelscripts, and it can be tough to find good honest information because you get those cheesy affiliate reviews with no actual substance.

I’m going to give you my real opinion, and how I use it, and take you behind the scenes so you can see really everything that funnelscripts offers.

So if you’re wondering, “What does funnel scripts provide?”, I hope to show you today!

I also wanted to try to use it within this article as well, so the headline to this thread was a headline generated by the Killer Headline Script

Also the first part before this “Introduction”, was the:

Who, What, Why, How Script:

Create sales copy for low cost, free + shipping & handling, or don't require a lot of explanation or a long sales letter. Use this script to hit the main points and build credibility as quickly as you can.

That script had 9 questions and was only edited a little bit by me.

I’m no copy expert so I did the best that I can the make it flow smoothly, but you be the judge, how did it sound to you?

So what I’m going to do is split everything into the questions that I have found during my research, and provide answers and photos if necessary as well.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far and let’s get to it!

What Is Funnel Scripts and How Can It Help Me Write Better Sales Copy?

Funnel Scripts is a product by ClickFunnels which is an online copywriting software tool, that was developed by a guy named Jim Edwards.

The idea is that when writing copy, there are similar formulas and because of that, you are able to input your information and come up with sales copy.

For example you will select a Headline Script and you will be presented with a set of questions to answer.

The answers you provide will then populate the copy formula and you will get your selected headline copy.

We will use a Funnel Scripts example with the headline script: Killer Headline Script

The amount of questions to answer will vary depending on the script you choose, in this example there are 12 questions for the Killer Headline Script, but here are the 5 related to the headline examples below:

  • Niche audience (singular): Rock Climber
  • What is the #1 BIG Result they want? (Starts with VERB): Increase Grip Strength
  • In what timeframe can you deliver results?: One Week
  • What is a Pain they want to avoid in this area?: Wasting Time On Inferior Training Products That Don't Work
  • What is a Roadblock they see as holding them back from their goal?: You've Tried Other Grip Strengtheners In The Past And They Didn't Work

Below are the results you will get from the answers you provide:

  • Ways Any Rock Climber Can Increase Grip Strength In One Week Without Wasting Time On Inferior Training Products That Don't Work... even if You've Tried Other Grip Strengtheners In The Past And They Didn't Work!

  • Ways Any Home Seller Can Find A Good Buyer Fast In One Week Without Spending Weeks On The Market... even if You've Tried To Sell Your Home Before And Failed!

  • Ways Any Leprechaun Can Make Great Pies In About An Hour Without Spending All Day In The Kitchen... even if You Don't Feel Like A Very Good Pie Maker!

  • Ways Any Busy Mom Can Lose Weight Fast In 60 Days Without Spending 18 Hours At The Gym... even if You've Tried To Lose Weight Before And Failed!

This is just one of the headlines from the Killer Headline Script using four separate topics.

As you can see, the bold is where your answer to the questions populated the copy formula.

This one script actually produces about 50 headline ideas.

What Is The Best Copywriting Software and Are There Any Similar Programs or Alternatives to Funnel Scripts?

In my honest opinion I would say that funnelscripts is probably the best copywriting software out there.

The reason I say that is because it’s such a huge piece of ClickFunnels, that it’s here to stay.

If you were to do the One Funnel Away Challenge, they really market Funnel Scripts in there all throughout the challenge.

So it’s not some fly by night software, they really put a lot into it making sure that it’s top of the line and truly is an all-in-one copywriting software.

They are always updating and adding new things to it, which I think is great.

There are alternatives that cost about $70 (I see them advertised on Instagram all the time), but they don’t offer as much.

I probably have only used a small percentage of all that is in Funnel Scripts and I still think it’s completely worth the hefty price tag.

How Much Does Funnel Scripts Cost and Can You Get a Deal or Coupon?

The biggest question people have is how much is Funnel Scripts, and it’s not cheap.

It’s a one-time payment of $797 USD which you get:

“Unlimited Scripts - Unlimited Updates. Guaranteed No Future Payments, EVER!”

Can you get a coupon?

From what I have seen, no you cannot get a coupon.

Like you, I searched high and low for a deal and coupons before I purchased Funnel Scripts and unfortunately could not find one anywhere.

However, like I mentioned before I am more than happy with my purchase and I think It’s worth the cost plus so much more.

Even though they do not offer a free trial, they do give you a 30-day Money back guarantee.

I have dealt with ClickFunnels and their refunds before on different products, and I can say that they are very good about the refund policy.

Do I Need ClickFunnels in Order To Get Funnel Scripts?

No you do not need ClickFunnels in order to get Funnel Scripts.

Funnel Scripts is its own product and can be used by anyone in any business. ClickFunnels is just the parent company who created Funnel Scripts.

Funnel Scripts is also NOT included with ClickFunnels.

Can You Get a Funnel Scripts Groupbuy or Nulled?

There are group buys that have Funnel Scripts in their package, but they usually cost about $50/month and don’t work most of the time.

You’re only allowed to log into the Funnel Scripts members area so many times a day, and in the Group Buys you hit that limit all the time or the user log in doesn’t work at all.

Also, don’t bother asking the Group Buy owner if the Funnel Scripts works, because they’ll lie to you just to get you to sign up the the $50/Month membership.

As for nulled, you can’t get this because it’s an online tool.

There are aspects that you can download like the Wizards inside of funnel scripts, but I use the online all the time.

So you can’t really get it nulled and don’t waste your time or money with the group buys for funnel scripts.

Are There Any Sample Funnel Scripts That I Can Use For Free?

Yes absolutely!

When I did the One Funnel Away Challenge, they gave us this free resource called Gary Halbert's Favorite Direct Response Headlines:

You fill out the questions with your answers and viola! You get your headlines made for you.

That’s how all the scripts work inside of Funnel Scripts.

Now what is really cool is that it brings you to the back office of Funnel Scripts.

What you can do from here is if you look on the left side, you can click on things like Advertising Scripts / DotCom Secrets Scripts / Sales Copy & Video Scripts and you can see ALL the scripts that are available under that one tab.

So that can give you an idea as to how many scripts you get.

How Can I Try Funnel Scripts For Super Cheap?

Remember how I mentioned that I have a Fiverr gig with Funnel Scripts?

If you would like to see what Funnel Scripts can do for cheap,
please CLICK HERE and I’ll give you a great deal for my Fiverr gig for your content headlines.

Or if you would like something custom, let me know and I’ll make sure you’re happy!

I have 16 five star reviews for my gig and for any one from Steemit I’ll be glad to help you out.

How Many Scripts Are There In Funnel Scripts and What Can You Use Them For?

There are close to 80 different scripts that you get with Funnel Scripts, it’s a little hard to count because few of them are the same under the different tabs as you can see in the photos I have attached.

As for what can you use the scripts for, is pretty much anything from start to finish for your sales funnel.

You can do Facebook Ads, Google Ads


You can do headlines until the cows come home.


You have automatic email sequences.


Call To Action scripts


Bullet Point Scripts


Video Sales Letter Scripts (Short and long scripts)


Testimonial Scripts


About Me page script


Amazon Ecommerce scripts


You can do copy for your lead capture pages


One time Offer copy


PLUS SO MUCH MORE..... Click The Video Below To See More In-Depth of Funnel Scripts

If you would like to see what Funnel Scripts can do for cheap,
please CLICK HERE and I’ll give you a great deal for my Fiverr gig for your content headlines.

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