How To Have BIG IDEAS That Change Your Life

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I've had some peeps reach out and ask about copywriting.

I'm breaking this into two parts just because my initial post was pretty lengthy. It's easier to digest smaller posts.

When it comes to writing any sort of interesting copy, it all comes down to a BIG IDEA.

If you're looking for a truckload of clients... come at them with BIG IDEAS and you'll nab some clients even if you've never written a lick.
If you're looking to sell your products, a BIG IDEA for copy or a video could be the differentiator. ​

I'll show you how in just a minute...

**A book I enjoy reading is the Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco. **

Essentially, this is a self-help book on being an entrepreneur but not in a way you trade time for money (like an hourly employee). Instead, you work hard until you can step away from the business and it runs without you and it makes money.

MJ's BIG IDEA was presenting 'how to be an entrepreneur and make money' (in a very general sense) as being in the Fastlane, Slowlane or Sidewalk.

Because, think about it...

How many different ways can you sell a car or a bar of soap? Car? Car battery? At some point, you need to present an idea in a freakin' different way. It'll be the only way to resonate and get through to the ever-ADD consumers.


Here's the common way people think they have good ideas --- Sit and think. *"The more I think about it, the more ideas I'll have." *

After an hour of bad ideas, you give up and call yourself 'not creative enough.' Another common antidote: take a shower, go for a walk, have sex...

I admit, walking around, showering and sex have brought on some good ideas, but not consciously. I talked a bit about that above, but I'll rehash in a second.

Most of your bad ideas will come from sitting around and shouting Eureka! They're going to be found in a very different way.
Are there exceptions to this rule? Of course. But from someone who must come up with BIG IDEAS regularly for copy purposes, I'll share with you my process.

Part II coming tomorrow

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