Copenhagen café - Kahyt og Kaffe

in copenhagen •  10 months ago

If you are ever near the shoppingcenter "Fisketorvet" in Copenhagen, then you must stop by this charming café on an old Swedish wooden ship called Kahyt og kaffe.

2018-01-27 15.42.16 HDR.jpg

Do try the hot chocolate and mushroom soup (only on Saturdays)...
2018-01-27 15.44.05 HDR.jpg
2018-01-27 15.45.41.jpg

... and enjoy it either inside one of two warm and cozy cabins or sit outside.
2018-01-27 15.46.56.jpg

You order at the helm located at the bow.

2018-01-27 15.40.40.jpg

Tip: If you love Italian food products, you must visit Supermarco which is just past the power plant. This is my main stop for great olive oil, charcuterie and pasta.

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