Cook with Us #31 - Ice cubes strawberry with lemon

in cookwithus •  7 months ago 


Hello friend of @cookwithus I present my ticket for this week number 31, ice buckets fashion.

They are right it is a little difficult and complicated to make ice cubes completely transparent, I think this has its technique and your procedure, try it and although it is not so clear I think that in each one you can notice the fruits that they contain.
The truth has never been able to make cubes of ice in this way so it's my first time, the ice is refreshing and it falls very well for this Sunday since in my country lately the heat has increased so prepare a lemonade for these strawberry ice with lemon.


For Ice Cubes

  • Lemon (in pieces)
  • Strawberries (in pieces)
  • Water

For the Lemonade

  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar
  • Water



I think it was not so bad even if I did not achieve the transparent color the cubes had good flavor, I like the strawberry and it gave a tasty touch to the lemonade.



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Very nice entry. Well done.


Thank you very much my friend

Looks very refreshing @yesslife


IF it was refreshing @pandamama it was a very hot day

The lemon and strawberries would be a nice flavor addition to the lemonade as the cubes melt! Your drink looks so beautiful and refreshing. Thanks for your entry!


That's right, I've always believed that strawberry and lemon go very well

Lovely entry @yesslife, must have been really refreshing! So nice to see you again, have missed you :)


Thank you very much my friend @lizelle I had a lot of fun making these ice cubes

i really like the colours!


Thank you very much, I like that you like me

Oooooh, these are so perfect for lemonade! Love the effect of the ice cubes on this refreshing drink!

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