Cook with Us #29 - Cream of Pumpkin (Auyama) and celery

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I still do not know if I'm late but here I am the schedule of my country is different here now it's 8 o'clock at night, I hope everyone is well.
I present my entry this week 29 of the contest of my friends @cookwithus

This week I had some time in addition I found the method interesting for this week, let's say that this in my country is every day to try a low budget eat so I started thinking and here I present my recipe for low cost.
This is an auyma cream with celery.

In the greengrocer I bought 0.560 grams of pumpkin (Auyama), 0.074 grams of chives and 0.170 grams of celery, this is for 1 person the cost in the current currency, they just exchanged it from Bolivares Fuertes to Bolivares Soberamos was 34 sovereign bolivars with 55 cents .
This before this monetary conversion is 3 million 400 thousand sovereign bolivares a very little price, the government recently took out five zeros to the currency so that the problem of inflation that exists in the country was not visualized.
These 34.55 sovereigns are 0.166 SBD



In the pantry it had salt, white pepper, butter, hard cheese or as we call it here llanero cheese and corn flour



I prepared an Arepas, these are from my country and is prepared with pre-cooked cornmeal, eaten at breakfast and at dinner

For the cream use Pumpkin, chives, celery, salt, pepper and butter. Add hard cheese into pieces and a bit of cut chives to decorate.



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Mmm ... it looks delicious 😋


Thank you very much friend

You’ve created a pleasing looking meal for such a low price - well done! Healthy and delicious no doubt :) great entry!


Hello friend, thank you very much for the support, I like that you liked what you prepare

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Pumpkin soup sounds delicious! I always love that vibrant color in my bowl. Well done!


This is the friend the color of the pumpkin is beautiful, I love the cream of calabza. Thank you

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Lovely budget meal @yesslife, good luck with the contest:)


Thank you very much friend truly was a challenge

Omg the arepas look so good.. So does the soup too. Honestly tho I'd eat 10 pieces of arepas!


Hey how good you like it, have you ever tasted the arepas? they are the best

I love good pumpkin soup so much, and this looks really delicious :D


Something delicious we all like is simple and nutritious. Thank you

Wow @yesslife! You have made an amazing soup and arepas. It is heartbreaking to read about the situation in your country. But, when I see what you have made It brings a smile to my face because you have made such a delicious and healthy meal with so little! It really shows how resourceful and creative you are in the face of so many challenges. Thank you for sharing your story and your dish with us!


Thank you very much my friend @chefstev for always supporting me, this is a delicious dish I really enjoy adding cheese was a good idea, that was my dinner that night

You have created a delicious and satisfying meal with so little bolivares! The auyuma looks creamy and tasty and your arepas go perfectly well with the soup to complete the meal. I would be happy to have this for my meal anytime! Wonderful entry for CwU budget meal week @yesslife!

Hoping things will improve in your country soon!


That's right, there were very few bolivars now a few weeks ago that was a lot of money but that's how inflation goes
A hug and thanks for the support always


Hang in there. Hoping things will improve.

I love pumpkin soup and with the arepas this would make a perfect meal for me. Thank you for your entry


Without a doubt the arepas are the best in the world hahaha you can eat them with whatever you can think of