Cook with Us #22 - Cake

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Hello my friends I hope you are well, I've been a little absent I'm on vacation at work for a few days so I've dedicated myself to doing some personal things
We are also going through a difficult time in my country much more than we had a few days ago the president gave some economic measures and this caused everything to collapse

You can not go to any supermarket, supply, pharmacy or any local is a difficult task there are queues everywhere that many places are closed by economic measures, buy something as simple as our food is a difficult task these days why not I've been in some kitchen contest in what I usually

This weekend was the birthday of a friend and they asked me to make their cake I said yes and then I came to see this week's theme of @cookwithus and my surprise is that the theme is cake so I was encouraged to enter

It is a simple cake, let's say it is a vanilla cake but with a very rich smell the vanilla highlights its flavor very much, It has a very smooth texture if you take it to the fridge when you take it out it will be just as soft when you bite it. You feel that vanilla and milk flavor together with the other ingredients. Personally I love the taste of this cake


1 Kilo of Wheat Flour Leavening
1 Kilo de Azucar
1 Liter of milk
500 grams of Butter
6 Eggs
1 Tablespoon baking powder
1 Vanilla Jets

To decorate use 250 grams of arequipe and rain colors to taste


Start by beating the sugar with the butter until the sugar is not felt, then add the eggs 1 by 1 and continue mixing
The wheat flour is added little by little, the liter of milk and we mix
then the baking powder and finally the vanilla and continue mixing for about 5 minutes


This is a cake of 1 kilo goes to the oven and preheated for 1 hour or so at 180 degrees

The trick to know if after this time is ready is to put a knife in the cake and if it comes out dry because the cake is ready

We anoint the arequipe and end up decorating with rain of colors or whatever you want to place






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I bet it tasted so good with all of that caramel!

Sorry about the economic issues your country is going through. I hope things improve soon.

Glad the timing of the Cook with Us theme worked out for you. Beautiful and delicious cake! I'm not surprised your friend requested you to make the birthday cake.

Thanks for you entry @yesslife!

I hope the situation in Venezuela improves soon for you. It seems like a real nightmare now. Your friend definitely asked the right person to make the cake! It looks amazing! Thanks for your entry @yesslife and good luck!