Cook with Us #20 - Greek Salad with baby spinach and different textures

in cookwithus •  3 months ago

Since we had a barbecue this weekend with a few friends I decided to make a greek salad with some different textures.

I started out with a pack of three different types of lettuce. Since its in Greek, haha - I'll try to find out the types (still Greek to me)

This I diced into small pieces

Then I add a packet of baby spinach

My next layer was cucumber

Not sure what you would call this cut - I cut the cucumber in half and then sliced lengthways - perhaps @chefsteve can enlighten me on what you would call that cut

Next, I added cherry tomatoes cut in half and shaved carrot strips

Finally, I added the typical Greek toppings - sliced peppers, calamata olives, feta cheese, chopped pepper and spring onion and then sprinkled some balsamic glaze on top

Forgive my ignorance on the names of the cuts. I, however, tried to give as many varieties as I could in the textures.

My salad was a huge hit at the barbecue - we made the usual "boerewors" - farmers sausage served with lovely hot bread rolls and a tomato sauce made from tomatoes and spring onions and a bit of chilli

Very surprised to see so few entries this week and after seeing the first two entries I wasn't even sure I was worthy of entering but I tried.

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@leelektrik, Your salad looks great with crunchy vegetables, sweet balsamic glaze and briny olives and cheese. I must say your best cuts are the small dice of the feta cheese. Well done.

The way you cut your cucumbers is known as the Pillar cut. This cut was made to roughly approximate the shape of all of those still standing pillars at ancient Kourion, ancient Salamis and the many other archaeological sites around Cyprus.

Thanks for your entry @leelektrik!


Thanks @chefsteve - I've learned a lot from this entry - great to know about the pillar cut and also the source and especially coming from Cyprus - is there a special name for the carrot shavings?

Great post @leelektrik. You guys sure enjoy your bbq! And what better addition to a nice bbq than a Greek salad. Well done with the cuts and presentation.

Very good entry I think it is a Greek salad different from the one I know but I would like to try this salad also has many colors

We are here to learn and you are right this week there are very few entries but the important thing is to try it I try it too

Glad you were able to make it to this knife skills challenge! I hope you had fun slicing, prepping and learning the different cuts. Your Greek salad looks refreshing and delicious especially with the beautifully cut veggies! =D

Thanks for your entry @leelektrik!