Cook with Us #3 – Raw Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

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Let's Go Raw!

My eldest daughter has joined us this weekend on preparing (and eating) our entry. She's shy and asked not to be posted in any photos but she was a great help taking photos and preparing the food. I'm thank-full for all her help. We have a gluten sensitivity in our house so we often try to find different ways to make conventional foods and desserts gluten free. Raw food cooking is a fun and often gluten free so we decided to add a twist this week for the contest and cook raw. I hope you enjoy and maybe even learn a new way of not actually "cooking" at all!

Why Raw

The act of cooking or heating your food above​ a certain temperature​ begins to make the good things in the food cook off. So, the major benefit of eating a raw food is you get more nutrients and enzymes from your food. It usually is way easier to prepare and easy to make. Here is our attempt​ at a cheesecak​e!

Raw Cheesecake Recipe

Filling Ingredients:


2 1/2 cups raw cashews or macadamia nuts
1 tbsp vanilla bean paste (or pure vanilla extract, for a plain cheesecake)
1/2 cup pure maple syrup or raw agave (honey will work, but not for strict vegans)
1/4 cup plus 1 tbsp melted virgin coconut oil
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup water (plus more for soaking cashews)
1/8 tsp salt
optional: Blend strawberries with a little sweetener of choice for a sauce

The Crust Ingredients:


3/4 cup pitted dates
1/2 cup almonds
1/16 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
up to 1 tbsp water, if needed
Line a round 9-inch springform pan with parchment paper

After you make the crust you pour in the filling and put it in the freezer. It will look like this:

Leave it until it freezes solid. Then you get to finish it any way you want to. We choose our family's favorite fruit...Strawberries!


Serve and enjoy!!


I welcome and really enjoy your comments. Please don't be shy and let me know what you think and share your favorite raw food meal! Leaving you with blessings until the next entry!


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This looks delicious. Great job!


Thank you!


you're welcome :)
I hope it was yummy

Thanks for the recipe i love cheese cake! :)


Thank you! Just a forewarning this is definitely a different twist on cheesecake. Hope you try it soon!

Food look delicious but your daughter is so cute.


Thank you very much!

Looks super good!

This looks wonderful!

Beautiful post.I am really very interested to have this cake!

Steady your amazing postings, I see, read and enjoy it thanks for sharing

Thanks for.the recipe, will surely try .... Thanks cheer's

Today I ate an amazing cheesecake and it looks a lot like yours. I made a post about it and I was looking for a similar recipe. Thankfully to you I think I have found it. Amazing cheesecake and post!


Awesome was a raw vegan one too?

Congratulations, your post has been featured in issue #3 of The Make It Healthy Project MAGAZINE!


Thank you so much! I love you magazine​ too!


I'm delighted to hear that @ground2feet, and thank you also! Any future health-related posts you're more than welcome to tag with #makeithealthy, where it will be seen by followers of the project and always gets my upvote! :-)


Will do for sure!! Love your project!

I love seeing the vegan cooking with the family and I will resteeem!


Thanks Jerry! Really appreciate the resteem. Great video you made today. I really like how open and honest you are with the world!

so cute dear!!!!!!!

I love love love this! How kind of you to share! I never thought there could be a better version of cheesecake! This looks delicious, I'm so trying this.
Cute pics by the way!
See ya around :)

Thanks for this post. I'm always looking for recipes like this. I'm definitely going to make this.....Easter would be a perfect time!!


Thank you so much. It was a lot of fun and my family loved it! Let me know how yours turns out please!


I wil!.

Interesting to see a raw cheesecake. I have a question if you don't mind. How does your sauce look thick. Does blending strawberries not leave a watery mess? Thanks again for a great recipe.

Sounds not so complicated at all. I love cheesecake but have cooked it once with friends in the US way so long ago LOL. The kids are adorable as always <3 and funny that your daughter was shy being on the photo posted. She must also be so cute just like the others :)

Oopsy.. came to edit the comment LOL forgot to mention about the raw food. I do agree and would love to make and enjoy those more often.

Cheers :)

Your raw strawberry cheesecake looks delicious, you all did a great job! ⭐️

I love making raw desserts, they are so easy and taste amazing! I recently made some raw lemon cheesecake squares, I want to try a matcha cheesecake next!


Thank you! I must try lemon squares! That sounds so good!

excellent post, how beautiful it is to share with the children in the kitchen, I love that recipe easy to make.

nice, cock , i will try to prepare nice sweet delicious cheese cake with Strawberry, by the way you have nice children, thanks for your articles.

I have been a primarily raw vegan for a lot of my life- it is lovely to see a family prepping healthy food together!


Thanks! We have been really enjoying kitchen time lately in that steemit contest. We made a vegan chocolate mouse last week that was great too. You must have so many cool recipes​! Whats your favorite dish if you don't mind sharing!


Nice! Honestly, raw vegan cheesecakes were probably my favorite! I held weekly vegan, mostly raw dinners that got me started as an educator and multiple businesses wanting to sell the pies or at least teach their staff how to make them... raw cheesecakes are sooo good- and pie for breakfast is just about the best thing ever.

I also got pretty into raw chocolate making- that's a rabbit hole of possibility!


You can never lose when a pie is on the breakfast menu!!


Completely agreed!!!

can i get a follow ?:D


Sure follow me too lol

This is making my mouth water!!!😫

I absolutely love cheesecake. Something like this can be eaten without feeling sick or guillty. I will save the recipie. Thank you so much.


Its also super easy to make! Once the cashews are soaked (which takes 8hrs) it only takes about 20 mins to make! Glad you enjoyed it!

Beby cooking,a nice post 😉

Looks almost like the real thing! I've been wanting to try more raw desserts. Thanks for motivating me.

Thanks for your delicious entry @ground2feet! Could you please upvote and resteem this post? Once done, your entry will have met the rules and will then be valid.


Thank-you for the heads up! I just voted​ and resteemed!


Wonderful, thank you!

thank you

Thank you for posting! My fiancé and I are an organic-vegan household and I've been searching around for a good cheese cake recipe to try out, strawberries are his favorite so we'll have to give it a go 😋.