Cook with Us #33 - Drunken noodles (vegan | gluten-free)

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Now I literally have no idea how this name came about. Maybe one day in Thailand, a drunk man came home after a night out, had an extreme case of the munchies, had no idea what to cook and simply threw everything he could possibly eat in a pan and fried it all to come up with this. Who knows, just him I guess!


Either way, this recipe or in fact the original recipe feature no alcohol, but it does go down well with a large glass of white wine or a pint of beer!

When I made it (for the first time ever this week!), it really made me think of Cantonese food back home - what we consider typical Chinese food in England (though living in China has made me see Chinese food in a completely different light). Despite this, eating these noodles took me down memory lane, eliciting fond memories of Friday night Chinese take out, Brit-style!


To make this little number, I pan fried garlic, onion, chillies and ginger with a variety of vegetables and tofu. I then added a splash of tamari, rice vinegar, oyster sauce, maple syrup along with some pre-soaked rice noodles, which I flash-fried. I finally topped it off with coriander and chives.


Proper Friday night take away, complete with a glass of vino!


Your presentation of this dish is superb - well done

Looks delicious! So much better than most "Chinese" takeout I have ever seen here in the US!

Yum, this looks amazing even at breakfast time! I'm sure it was delicious. Wonderful presentation @foodlaneur! Loooove Chinese food, really haven't found any great takeout where we live....definitely have to get creative in the kitchen :)

This looks absolutely divine @foodflaneur, lovely photography as always!

Beautiful photography @foodflaneur, love the food too! Great entry :)

This is one of the dishes that would come to my mind when I think of 'take out' food, complete with chopsticks! When I'm craving noodles, it just hits the spot. Great entry, wonderful photos as usual, and delicious rice noodles! And I love that your version has lots of veggies ... yumm! Thanks so much for your entry @foodflaneur!

I love how a simple stir-fry is the most soul satisfying dish! Whatever you have on hand is perfect as long as you start with ginger, garlic and scallions. Great dish for a Friday night takeaway! Thanks for sharing!

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