Cook with Us #31 - Coffee Cubes

in #cookwithus5 years ago (edited)


OMG, i think I have like 5 minutes to get this entry in before the deadline hits! So no time to type, just post!


But recipe is pretty simple- pour your favourite coffee into an ice tray, stick in the freezer and voila. You got yourself some coffee cubes. Pour over some milk and baileys and Bob's your uncle!



Funny I was also considering making coffee ice cubes but went for fruity flavours :) My favourite summer drink at one of our coffee shops is their iced coffee, absolutely yummy!
Yours looks fabulous, gorgeous photos as always:)

Thanks @lizelle, yes it's such a summer drink! Your fruity ones were so lovely and probably just as yummy if not more than the coffee ones! So much more pretty to look at with all the fruits inside them :-)

Beautiful photos! So simple yet dramatic and focused on the star of the show. Great use of the theme as well. Simple and elegant. I feel it's so refreshing!

Thank you so much @offoodandart :-) It was so refreshing!

Well done for a simply gorgeous entry. The photographs are really beautiful

Aww thank you so much @pandamama :-)

allthough i dont drink coffee these images are really tantilizing and remind me of those coffee drinking days, ice coffee was my favourite work drink in the summer

Thank you so much :-) Ha, yeah iced coffee is so nice and I'm actually a tea drinker- but the cold version of coffee definitely tops the cold version of tea!

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